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Home > Points Newsletter > September 2008

Points Newsletter - September 2008

Boost Your ChiBoost Your Chi Naturally
By Maoshing Ni, L.Ac., D.O.M., Ph.D.

What is Chi? Chi is your life force, and it determines your energy level. Chi travels and circulates through the channels of our bodies, similar to the way water flows in a riverbed. When your Chi is weak, it stagnates in these channels instead of powerfully flowing. As you age, you may feel as though you no longer have the energy that you once had.
Otitis Media - TCMTCM and Middle Ear Infections (Otitis Media)
By Ban B. Wong, L.Ac., Ph.D., Dipl. Ac. Hb.

Ear infection is one of the most common conditions that affect babies and children...The treatment of middle ear infections with Chinese medicine (TCM) involves the use of herbal teas or tinctures that are tailored to both your child's constitutional make-up as well as the specific condition being treated. The therapeutic focus when treating middle ear infections with TCM is threefold. More...

Huang Lian - Rhizoma coptidisThe Thermal Nature of Chinese Herbs on Cultured Neural Cells

Traditional Chinese herbs are the focus of more and more research in todayís scientific laboratories in order to understand their pharmacological nature and the molecular mechanisms of their actions. In a recent study, twenty Chinese herbs, classified into four TCM properties - hot, warm, cold, and cool - were analyzed for their ability to exhibit antioxidant action... More...


Study on Effects of Different Acupuncture Manipulation Methods at Neiguan (PC 6) on Hand Spasm in Stroke Patient

Effect of Acupuncture at Three Acupoints of Eye on Bellís Palsy

Anti-Acetylcholinesterase Activities of TCM for Treating Alzheimer's Disease


Q: Do you have any recommendations for treating someone with irritable bowel syndrome?

A: Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS is a relatively new condition reflecting the current socioeconomic status of our population. It is categorized as autoimmune condition in which the intestinal infrastructure is irritated due to an overactive immune system. In my practice we treat these types of conditions with good results... More...

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September 2008
Volume 6, Number 9

Boost Your Chi Naturally

TCM and Middle Ear Infections (Otitis Media)

The Thermal Nature of Chinese Herbs on Cultured Neural Cells

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