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Home > Points Newsletter > September 2004

Points Newsletter - September 2004

A Healing Story
by Alicia Sky Varinaitis-Kunerth

"You have a brain tumor.Ē

At age 30 and eight months pregnant with my first child, it was the last thing I expected to hear out of the doctorís mouth. I had never been sick or dizzy. Had never felt nauseous or woozy or had headaches. One day, without explanation or forewarning, I began to have grand mal seizures. Mark, my husband of two years, was the one who found me in our home office, seizing. He called 911 and I was rushed to the emergency room. A pregnancy condition called Eclampsia was first suspected, but after two brain scans we were told that the cause of the seizures was a golf ball sized tumor in my left frontal lobe. I remember thinking, ďThis isnít happening. This canít be real.Ē  More...

First Aid - Little Secrets in the Kitchen

We have all experienced some physical accidents in our kitchen, which need immediate assistance. Sometimes we have to suffer from them because we have very little self-rescue training ideas that can prevent injuries from worsening or help them heal faster. The following are some home remedy secrets I want to share with you. More...

An Overview of Two Complementary Treatments for Chronic Asthma: Acupuncture and Homeopathy
Effect of Acupuncture on Pain and Subjective Peripheral Neuropathy in Persons with HIV
Stimulation of the P6 for Preventing Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting

Q: Is acupuncture effective in relieving plantar fasciitis. I have been suffering from heel pain for years and how found no treatment yet.

A: Some patients with plantar fasciitis have seen significant reduction in their pain with acupuncture. Since each patient is unique, their symptom presentation must be evaluated carefully to determine what conditions precipitated the pain, continue to aggravate the pain and alleviate the pain.

See more here.

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