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Points Newsletter - May 2006

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Asthma and Chinese Medicine
By Qineng Tan, L.Ac., Ph.D., O.M.D (China)

On August 8, 1995, China’s most popular singing star Den Lijun passed away in Thailand. She was only 42 years old at the time. It shocked everybody in China. How could such a beautiful and healthy looking star pass away so suddenly? Even more surprising was the cause - asthma!

In the United States, asthma is the most common chronic condition among children. It affects more than one child in twenty. An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from asthma. Every day, 5000 patients visit the emergency room and 14 people die due to complications of asthma in the United States.  More...

Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Stress Management
By Bill Reddy, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

Since the early 1970’s when the bamboo curtain was lifted, a few jewels of Chinese culture began to trickle into the west. One specific example of China’s best-kept secrets is their use of acupuncture and tai chi to combat stress. Stress can be defined as “What you feel when life’s demands exceed your ability to meet those demands.” A vast majority of people living in and around the beltway can identify with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Job, school, family and social engagements are all competing for their place on the schedule. Even though most people have little control over the stressors in their lives, they can actively change how they respond to them.  More...

Dietary Guidelines for Rheumatoid Arthritis
By Dr. Xiaomei Cai, L.Ac., Ph.D., O.M.D. (China)

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic disease, mainly characterized by the inflammation of the lining, or synovium, of the joints. It can lead to long-term joint damage, resulting in chronic pain, loss of function and disability.

RA progresses in three stages. The first stage is the swelling of the synovial lining, causing pain, warmth, stiffness, redness and joint swelling. The second stage is the rapid division and growth of cells, which causes the synovium to thicken. In the third stage, the inflamed cells release enzymes that may digest bone and cartilage, often causing the involved joint to lose its shape and alignment, eliciting more pain and loss of movement.  More...


Electrophysiological Assessment of Acupuncture Points

The Use of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction

Water-Soluble Extract of Salvia Miltiorrhiza Ameliorates Carbon Tetrachloride-Mediated Hepatic Apoptosis in Rats


Q:  I have dry eyes. Is there anything that acupuncture can do for this condition?

A: Yes, acupuncture can help relieve dry eyes. Tears keep your eyes moist, lubricating the surface of the eye for eyelid closure and guard against infection. They also wash away allergens and protect your eye. Dry eye syndrome is very common and is a result of not producing enough tears, or having poor quality tears. More and more people suffering from this disorder are now turning to acupuncture and Chinese medicine to help relieve their discomfort...

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May 2006
Volume 4, Number 5

Asthma and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Stress Management

Dietary Guidelines for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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