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Home > Newsletters > March 2006 > Ask the Doctor

Points -  Ask the Doctor

Q: I recently hurt my lower back (Iím not even sure how) and itís been about a two months. It feels like a strain. I have limited mobility and itís painful and stiff. What can help my back?

 A: Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help many types of painful conditions such as low back pain. With an acute condition such as yours, the quicker you get help from an acupuncturist, the faster and better the results. The Western scientific explanation is that the stimulation from the needle puncture triggers natural pain relieving chemicals, such as endorphins from the brain, a reduction in inflammation in the area through an increase in circulation, and a relaxation response to the musculature. Tui Na, a Chinese form of bodywork, can also be used to help bring some relief. Many find that cupping is helpful for backache. Many times, for chronic or acute low back pain, the Chinese classic herbal formula, Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang, is very effective. Your acupuncturist may modify the formula above with specific herbs that will better suit your particular need.

Q: What can acupuncture do for depression?

A: Acupuncture can help calm and relax a person to help relieve depression and Anxiety. Chinese herbs are also very effective for this purpose. Both acupuncture and herbs can help relieve many of the negative symptoms of depression such as insomnia and fatigue. It is best to see a licensed acupuncturist for a thorough intake and examination. This way the acupuncturist can prescribe a personalized treatment plan for your specific pattern of disharmony. Every patient is different and presents with different symptoms. Certain herbs that are best suited for your needs may not be as effective for someone elseís presenting symptoms. That is the beauty of Chinese Medicine.

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This month's Ask the Doctors questions were answered by: staff acupuncturists

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Volume 4, Number 3

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