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Home > Newsletters > June 2010 > Acupuncture Marketing

Acupuncture Marketing: Do You Make These 4 Critical Email Marketing Mistakes?

By Carlos Redlich

A lot of acupuncturists who decide to try out Email marketing make the deadly mistake of believing any kind of Email marketing is beneficial. This simply just isn’t true.

There are a few key mistakes acupuncturists do when setting up the Email marketing campaign.

Here are 4 examples…

  1. Letting your Emails get marked as SPAM
  2. Not following up with people who want to get treated by you
  3. Not being prepared for an increase in patients
  4. And finally… Not marketing to an ultra-specific target audience

CRITICAL MISTAKE #1: We’ll start with SPAM. Spam has pretty much turned into a pandemic sized problem for a lot of acupuncturists. People get their inbox’s flooding with Spam every single day from all around the world. And one of the worst things you can do is become another shady online sales person who might give them a virus. Staying out of the Spam folder isn’t all that hard. One way is by giving your readers useful content to read rather than just a flat out advertisement for your services. There are a handful of keywords that you can avoid using in your Emails to not be labeled as Spam.

Here are a few of those words…

  1. Spam
  2. FREE
  3. ACT NOW!
  4. Offer
  5. Risk Free
  6. Urgent

If you want to use those words all you really have to do is put a (.) in between the letters.

Here are some examples…

  • S.pam (I wouldn’t even use this word if I were you.)
  • FRE.E
  • ACT N.OW
  • O.ffer
  • U.rgent

These words won’t always trigger the Spam filters but it’s a good idea to use (.) in between letters just to make sure you’re in the clear.

CRITICAL MISTAKE #2: Not following up! This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people doing. If you’ve got people who have asked you for more information or have already had a treatment done by you, you NEED to follow up with them. By following up you stay in the forefront of their mind and when they want to get another acupuncture treatment or want to recommend someone to get treatment you are the FIRST person they think of.

Following up also develops a relationship. And when you develop that, you’ve dramatically decreased the chances of people leaving your clinic to go to another one. They trust you, like you and in their head, have made a new friend. People want to be treated like as if they really are appreciated. If you’ve ever seen the old show called “Cheers” you’ll remember when Norm (characters name) would walk in and the ENTIRE bar would scream “Norm!” That is what you want your clinic to be like. A place where “everybody knows your name” (part of the Cheers theme song).

CRITICAL MISTAKE #3: Not being prepared for more patients. A lot of people, acupuncturists included, set up their Email marketing campaign and try to drive more business to their clinic but never actually prepare for when that business come in. You need to be ready to ask them how they heard about you and automatically thank them for coming in. If someone comes in just from you Email newsletter or from an online search they’re taking a risk. They don’t know you yet and are instilling their trust in you. That really does take a lot out of people and they should be commended on their bravery.

It’s also important to make sure your staff is ready to make appointments for your prospective patients and get them “in” as quickly and painlessly as possible. Remember. they are taking a big chance in coming to you so make them feel like you’ve got everything under control and they’re taken cared of.

CRITICAL MISTAKE #4: Not targeting a specific group of people. If your target is anyone with a pulse then you’re probably going to have a very hard time differentiating yourself from the other 22,000+ acupuncturists just in the United States. When you target a specific group of people you can quickly become the “go-to” person. And since your practice is in a local city or town you are even more likely to dominate your specific niche.

Acupuncturists with a smaller yet more qualified group of people will do FAR better and make FAR more money than an acupuncturist trying to treat everyone in the world.

To implement a Email marketing system you’ll need an autoresponder service. The service I use is Aweber (

To More Patients and More Freedom,

Carlos Redlich-G

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