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Home > Points Newsletter > February 2007

Points Newsletter - February 2007

A Few Secrets of Longevity
By Dr. Maoshing Ni, L.Ac.

Ginger Gives You a Snap

Best known in the West for its antinausea properties, ginger has probably been in the longest continuous use of any botanical remedy in the world. The Chinese use it for both medicinal and culinary purposes, frequently in cooking seafood, since it acts as a detoxifier to prevent seafood poisoning.  

How a Traditional Chinese Doctor Prescribes Herbal Formula

Herb Formulas are developed to use each herb to its greatest advantage. By combining different herbs together, we will not only adjust and increase the treatment results, but also reduce or release the side-effects from the other herbs. It also makes it possible to treat complicated diseases at the same time. That's why few Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors prescribe only a single herb to treat patients.  More...

Recipes for Winter
By Lily Chuang

Winter is the time of year when it's desirous and nutritious to consume foods that are warming for the body. Many people come down with the flu or cold and should eat something that will help expel the pathogen and nourish the body.  More...


Acupuncture Enhances Generation of Nitric Oxide and Increases Local Circulation

Hypothalamus and Amygdala Response to Acupuncture Stimuli in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chinese Herbal Medicine as Complementary Therapy for Reduction of Chemotherapy-Induced Toxicity


Q: The acupuncture treatment for my shoulder pain provided relief for only three days. Why? I have had this pain for the past few months, and it responds to the acupuncture very well. But the results do not last very long. Can acupuncture really cure my shoulder pain, or will it continue to provide only temporary relief?

A: First, if your shoulder pain is responding to the acupuncture treatment immediately for three full days, that is a very positive result. If there are no other complications with the shoulder problem (in other words if your shoulder pain is purely caused by energy obstruction) acupuncture is best for restoring the energy balance from the viewpoint of TCM...

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February 2007
Volume 5, Number 2

A Few Secrets of Longevity

How a Traditional Chinese Doctor Prescribes Herbal Formula

Recipes for Winter

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