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Home > Newsletters > February 2006 > Ask the Doctor

Points -  Ask the Doctor

Q: What remedies exists with acupuncture to treat the side affects of anti-seizure meds?

A: There are quite a few, but of course, which one would depend specifically on what the side effects are, and what we interpret the cause to be.

For instance, if your anti seizure meds cause you to feel muddy in the head or fatigued and otherwise out of sorts, we might look at this as a phlegm or damp problem of the digestion rising to the brain. So, we'd give you something to dry the damp and strengthen the digestion.

We'd have to start out with symptoms, and then check you out to see what's causing it, though behind that we'd understand that the drugs are responsible, but the idea is to find out what effect the drugs are having on your body and then treat that especially if the drugs are required to protect yourself from seizures.

One drug could effect one person one way and another person another way. So, we'd always need to talk to you in depth before prescribing an herbal or acupuncture prescription.

We can definitely help with herbs, and maybe help with the acupuncture, depending on what the symptoms really are.

Q: Can acupuncture help relieve or minimize snoring?

A: It's really a question of why you are snoring. If it is worse with stress, then acupuncture can help. If it is worse when you're fatigued, we might look to herbal medicines to give you more energy. This wouldn't really keep you awake, but it would give your oral muscles more tonicity which might prevent them from getting all flaccid and obstructing the airway.

Those are two possible solutions. There are others, but again, it really comes down to what is the cause of the problem rather than just the symptom.

About our Doctors

This month's Ask the Doctors questions were answered by: Al Stone, L.Ac.
Beyond Well Being
Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicines
Santa Monica, CA.
(310) 264-6668

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