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Home > Points Newsletter > February 2004

Points Newsletter - February 2004

Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey

January 22, 2004 began the new Chinese Year of the Monkey. Itís also the year 4702 of the Reign of the Yellow Emperor. According to the Chinese almanac, 2004 is a year of Metal and Wood energies. It conjures up a picture of a large but rotting tree with a sharp ax chopping away at its roots. The conflict between the two energies will eventually result in the falling of the tree and clearing the way for a new cycle to begin. More...

A Qin Bowei Anthology and Analysis of Liver Qi: A Book Review
By Monica Otto

Qin Bowei was one of the most respected physicians in China in the twentieth century. He was not only a clinician, but a writer and teacher as well. He wrote extensively about Chinese medicine and founded a number of TCM schools throughout China. He was a political activist when it came to the perpetuation of TCM during the Guomintang regime, a time when TCM was under scrutiny and repression. More...

Help for Women with Fibroids
By Susun Weed

Uterine fibroids are solid muscle tissue growths in the uterus. They are also called fibroid tumors, myomas, or leiomyomas. Fibroids occur so frequently (in up to half of all women over forty) that they could be considered a normal irregularity. The occasional fibroid can become enormous (medical literature reports one that was 100 pounds!), but the majority (80%) remain as small as a walnut. More...


Acupuncture, Other Therapies Should be Presented as Treatment Options to Hypertensives

  Acupressure Helps Relieve Bed-Wetting
  Small Study Shows Reduced Stiff Neck Pain
  Acupoint Stimulation Can Help Induce Labor

Q: Should you ever experience pain after a treatment?

A: Bret Moldenhauer D.Ac, L.Ac writes: The Eskimo people have about seven different words to describe the many formations of snow in their environment. Traditional Chinese Medicine shares this phenomenon in regards to the concept of pain...

See more here.

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