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Home > Points Newsletter > December 2006

Points Newsletter - December 2006

Guide to Holiday Eating

Can you remember back in January after stepping on the scale, that you wished you hadnít had that last piece of pie, the extra gravy, or that cup of eggnog? You were not alone! Studies show that the average American gains one to two pounds during the holiday season. Although that may not seem like a lot, each year adds up and can contribute to a lot of excess weight. But that doesnít mean that it will happen to you!  More...

Osteoarthritis Patients Treated With Acupuncture Show Improvement

Osteoarthritis (OA) has a major impact on patients' mobility and quality of life but the anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat it are associated with a number of side effects. In recent years, patients have turned increasingly to acupuncture to relieve the chronic pain associated with OA. A new study published in the November 2006 issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism examined the use of acupuncture as an extension of routine medical care and whether the effects of treatment last after therapy is discontinued.


The Efficacy of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Myofascial Pain

Sedative Effect of Acupuncture during Cataract Surgery

Tongxinluo (Tong Xin Luo or Tong-Xin-Luo) Capsule for Unstable Angina Pectoris


Q:  I am considering acupuncture for several different areas, mainly though, at 41 yrs old, I am experiencing hormonal acne cysts. Due to medication I take, I cannot take any type of hormones to balance this. Which type of acupuncture will help this or will it not be a benefit. I am looking for natural alternative methods of controlling this problem rather than prescription drugs which I have not tried, ie. Accutane

A: This is quite a common condition and we have had success with it. According to Chinese medicine the cystic acne is a result of heat in the body that is rising and coming out as acne. We use a combination of acupuncture to release the heat and Chinese herbal medicine to help balance the body to prevent the accumulation of heat, preventing future outbreaks....

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December 2006
Volume 4, Number 12

Guide to Holiday Eating

Osteoarthritis Patients Treated With Acupuncture Show Improvement

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