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Home > Points Newsletter > August 2008

Points Newsletter - August 2008

Enhance Bone Health and Prevent Osteoporosis
By Daoshing Ni, D.O.M, L.Ac., Ph.D, Dipl.C.H.

Today, the increasing aging population in the United States has brought the issue of bone loss into greater focus. As we grow older, the loss of bone density is a natural aging occurrence. The issue becomes a problem only when a person loses too much bone density or has an accelerated bone loss that can potentially increase the odds of fractures and shorten oneís life span.
Chinese Herbs for the Mind: Remedies for Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Psychosis
By Joel Harvey Schreck, L.Ac.

In China before the mid- twentieth century, all mental illnesses were treated pretty much exclusively with herbal medicine. Since doctors and hospitals keep records, there is plenty of historical evidence suggesting that such treatments were often successful.  More...

A Multifaceted Integrative Approach to Healing Chronic Pancreatitis
Prepared by Craig M. Cormack, B.A., R.M.T.

A 49-year-old male patient diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis was treated with a combination of a healthy diet, Tuina Massage (Chinese Massotherapy), Chi Kung meditation, and herbs and supplements over a 60-week period. The treatment resulted in no further attacks, a significant reduction of pancreatic inflammation, and dissipation of an internal blockage in the pancreas. The success of the treatment provides hope for individuals suffering from chronic pancreatitis. More...


Electroacupuncture for Strengthening Gastrointestinal Motility in the Rat with Acute Pancreatitis

Parasitic Loranthus from Loranthaceae Rather than Viscaceae Potently Inhibits Fatty Acid Synthase and Reduces Body Weight in Mice

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Premenstrual Syndrome


Q: I have a white coating on my tongue and a really bad taste in my mouth. People turn their heads when I talk, so I know I have bad breath. Some say itís my digestion system & others think itís my mouth. Would you have any suggestions? Itís really embarrassing and is starting to impact my social life. I have seen my doctor & dentist but they are not able to help me!

A: The gums and the mouth are an extension of the digestive system and according to Chinese medicine they represent the condition of the stomach. Gum disease as well as bad breath is caused from excess heat in the stomach. The heat is often combined with accumulation of food and dampness. The white sticky coating on the tongue is a representation of the dampness in your system.  More...

This Month's Articles

August 2008
Volume 6, Number 8

Enhance Bone Health and Prevent Osteoporosis

Chinese Herbs for the Mind: Remedies for Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Psychosis

A Multifaceted Integrative Approach to Healing Chronic Pancreatitis

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