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Home > Points Newsletter > August 2006

Points Newsletter - August 2006

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Introduction to Medical Qigong
By Yuqiu Guo, Dr. Ac.

Qigong (pronounced chee goong) is a system of Chinese health care that combines physical training, preventive and therapeutic medicine, with Eastern philosophy. The word “qi” (or chi) means air, breath of life, or vital essence. “Gong” means work, self-discipline, achievement, or mastery. Qigong is said to be “the cultivation and deliberate control of a higher form of vital energy,”   More...

10 Tips for a Sound Sleep
By Xiaomei Cai, L.Ac., Ph.D., O.M.D. (China)

1. Avoid sleeping on your back. Resting your hands on your chest and abdomen can press on your heart and lungs, thereby preventing deeper breathing.

 2. Avoid thinking too much before bedtime. 80% of insomnia is due to a "mental" imbalance. Watching violent TV or reading a stimulating book might cause restless sleep.  More...

New Breast Cancer Site Combines Both Medical and Alternative Treatment

In the past, a diagnosis of breast cancer very often resulted in a mastectomy, that is, removal of one or both breasts. For a lot of women the "cure" was as horrific as the disease. Today there have been so many advances in treatment, that breast removal is now considered the last option, rather than the first for most instances.



Electroacupuncture Elicits Dual Effects: Stimulation of Delayed Gastric Emptying and Inhibition of Accelerated Colonic Transit Induced by Restraint Stress in Rats

Acupuncture and Knee Osteoarthritis

Effectiveness of a Chinese Herbal Medicine Preparation in the Treatment of Cough in Uncomplicated Upper Respiratory Tract Infection


Q:  Can you treat Tourette's Syndrome with acupuncture?

A: In Traditional Chinese Medicine we don't diagnose a patient as having a syndrome as specifically as Tourette's; rather, we look at the individual pattern of problems a patient presents and base our treatments accordingly....

See more here

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August 2006
Volume 4, Number 8

Introduction to Medical Qigong

10 Tips for a Sound Sleep

New Breast Cancer Site Combines Both Medical and Alternative Treatment

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