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Home > Points Newsletter > August 2003

Points Newsletter - August 2003

Secrets of Happy Longevity
By Dr. Maoshing Ni and Carrie Tanenbaum

In our modern age, as scientific technology advances, the prospect of us being kept alive longer is greater than ever. However, is our quality of life necessarily improving as a result? Are we healthier, vital and happier? What about our spiritual condition? These and other questions beg the redefining of the concept of longevity. Longevity, as defined in the west, means merely the quantity or long duration of life. It doesn't consider the quality of a long life lived. More...

Book Review: Ear Acupuncture Handy Reference for French Method
By Heather Schiffke

Ear Acupuncture by Beate Strittmatter is a pocket-manual style reference based on the French style of ear acupuncture, specifically the works of French physician Paul Nogier and his student Frank Bahr. This style of auricular acupuncture emphasizes the use of a point finder to detect “active” ear points where the skin exhibits lower resistance and increased conductance, as well as increased sensitivity to pressure. More...

Cool Off With Delicious Summer Meals

There are not a lot of potato salads and barbecue in a traditional Chinese diet. That does not mean, however, that you cannot eat tasty, healthy foods during the summer and maintain a proper nutritional balance. Enjoy these recipes while you are relaxing in the sun. More...

    From Wrinkles To Migraines

Alternative Medicine in a Mainstream World

    Auricular Laser Stimulation Not Necessarily Effective For
  Alcohol Withdrawal

TCM vs. Endangered Animals


Q: Can acupuncture help relieve Anxiety, stress and/or irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

A: Peta Favier writes: Yes, acupuncture is highly recommended for Anxiety and stress disorders. Patients receiving acupuncture commonly report deep relaxation, inner calm, increased ability to cope and improved sleep as general “side-effects” of treatment...

See more here.

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