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Home > Points Newsletter > April 2003

Points Newsletter - April 2003

A T’ai Chi Primer: T’ai Chi Ch’uan Explained
By John Loupos

In today’s high tech world even the most basic of our needs have become conspicuously dependent on technological gadgets of one sort or another. Activities as simple as walking or running call for special shoes, pulse monitors, or treadmills (even the lower end models being fully computerized for maximum convenience.) In refreshing contrast to this state of affairs we are gifted with the ancient art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. No designer lycra outfits, no digital thingys, no rackets, bells or whistles…T’ai Chi is decidedly low-tech. More...

Zangfu Theory & Cellular Memory
By Attilio D’Alberto

The Huang Dei Nei Jing is the oldest and most important medical book to originate from China. Its author and origin is unknown, but is thought to have been written during the Warring States period (475-221 B.C.) by numerous authors (Yanchi 1995, p2). More...

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