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Aversion to Wind and Cold with Chills

Note: Difference between Chills and Aversion to cold is this: Chills will not be relieved by warm clothing. Aversion to cold is.

Exterior syndrome (99% of the cases)

Fever and chills caused by wind, though it can be combined with other factors

  • Muscle aches, headache
  • Wind with cold
  • Chills and aches
  • Formula:
    • Ma Huang Tang (Pungent and warm)
  • Wind with heat
  • Fever and sore throat
  • Formula:
    • Yin Qiao San (Pungent and cool)
  • Wind with damp
  • stuffiness, aching in joints
  • Formula:
    • Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang (Warm and dry)

Yang Collapse (Kidney and Heart most effected)

Clinical Manifestations:

  • Feeble or faint pulse
  • Very low energy
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Cold sweat, cold body, cold extremities
  • Low blood pressure
  • Patient prefers fetal position
  • Diarrhea with undigested food
  • Clear copious urine

Treatment principle:

  • Restore Yang from Collapse


  • Shen Fu Tang

Yang deficiency (not as severe as collapse) (Heart, Spleen, Kidney)

Clinical Manifestations:

  • Aversion to cold
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Fatigue, bloating, gas, loose stools (Spleen Yang Xu)
  • Palpitations, SOB, fatigue, cyanosis (Heart Yang Xu


  • Gui Zhi Tang with more Zhi Gan Cao
  • Spleen Yang deficiency, add Li Zhong Tang
  • Kidney Yang deficiency add Jin Gui Shen Qi Tang AKA Ba Wei Di Huang Wan

True Heat, Pseudo Cold

An Excess condition due to a variety of etiologies which pushes the yin from the interior to the superficial.

Clinical Manifestations:

  • Cold symptoms externally
  • Aversion to cold
  • Cold skin (which warms upon prolonged touch)
  • Warm symptoms internally
  • Doesn't desire warm clothes
  • Bad breath, constipation
  • T: Red with yellow coat
  • P: Forceful and Rapid


  • Bai Hu Tang

Phlegm Accumulation

A condition in which a Yin evil blocks the flow of Yang energy, leading to aversion to cold.

Clinical Manifestations:

  • Thirst, with no desire to drink
  • Aversion to cold
  • T: Thick greasy white coat
  • P: Slippery

Formula: Er Chen Tang

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