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Home > Points Newsletter > September 2009

Points Newsletter - September 2009

Ten Ways to Better Eye HealthTen Ways To Better Eye Health
By Daoshing Ni, D.O.M, L.Ac., Ph.D, Dipl.C.H. 

In today's modern age, we increasingly rely on our eyes in our daily lives. We constantly stare at computers, TVs, cellular phones, PDAs, papers, etc. Consequently, by staring at small prints and spending more time reading from these types of media, we are straining our eyes. This has created increase in eye fatigue and a subsequent increase in the incidence of age related eye problems. Since good eye health provides us with a better quality of life, it is important for us to examine ways in which we can improve our eye health and keep our eyes healthy for many years to come. The following are ten ways to improve our eye health and prevent eye diseases. More...

Herbs for Hair RestorationHerbs Promote Hair Restoration

Every day, we normally shed up to 125 hairs. Does that take into account of times when we are under stress? We are all familiar with the image of the person who runs around pulling his hair out during a stressful situation. You may be amazed to learn there really is a connection between stress and hair loss. More...


Tuina, literally translated as push-grasp, is an ancient system of massage that withstands the test of time. From 2300 B.C., The Yellow Emperorís Classic of Internal Medicine records tuina among the five major therapies of the time. Oracle bones dating back to 1700 B.C., show that tuina was used to treat childrenís diseases and adult digestive complaints. By 600 B.C., tuina was included in the Imperial Medical College as a separate department. Tuina flourished throughout China until the early 1900s. Following the collapse of the dynastic system, the central government promoted an extreme implementation of Western ideology that excluded all traditional healing modalities, including tuina.  More...


Adult Degenerative Scoliosis Treated by Acupuncture

Analysis of Trace Elements in Chinese Therapeutic Foods and Herbs

Herbal Formula SYJN Protect PC12 Cells from Neurotoxicity Induced by Corticosterone


Q: I get frequent, pounding headaches. What can I do to prevent them or relieve them when I have one?  

A: Something in your life is creating an adverse environment that causes a headache. For instance, most people are familiar with the occasional headache that comes from a cold, staying up too late, or drinking too much. Other common culprits include sinus problems, muscle tension, eyestrain, stress, jaw clenching, a virus, allergies, poor eating habits, and a muscle injury in the neck and back. Some women may experience headaches due to a hormonal imbalance. More...

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September 2009
Volume 7, Number 9

Ten Ways To Better Eye Health

Herbs Promote Hair Restoration


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