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About Aluminum

Alzheimerís pre-senile is on the rise in this country. What are the early signs? This disease must be caught early since by the time you suddenly diagnose it, it is usually too late for significant reversal. So what are soft signs that the mind is going? First, short term memory starts to suffer. You canít remember what you had for breakfast, but because you remember the past in intimate detail, others are lulled into a false security assuming the memory must be good if you can remember trivia from years ago. You may stop sentences in mid-stream, be frequently at a loss for a particular word, have unexplained mood swings, stop learning, stop bathing, suddenly turn on a loved one, or have blunted emotions.

One of the many nutritional factors contributing to the pathology of Alzheimerís is excess aluminum in the brain. How does it get there? We have laced our lives with it. Prolonged cooking of acidic tomato sauce in an aluminum pot, aluminum cans of food, soda and beer, factory effluents, aluminum absorbed from under arm deodorants, aluminum in baking powder, salt (yes, check the labels, thatís what makes it pours when it rains), antacids and as an antiflocculant in drinking water are just a few of the sources. Some of the highest levels are found in patients with ulcer and stomach problems who have ingested over-the-counter aluminum containing antacids for years.

We recommend that you eliminate the symptoms by eliminating as many of the causes as possible from your life. Aluminum is clearly not good for us to have in our bodies.

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September, 2005
Volume 3, Number 9

Toxins and Your Health


About Aluminum

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