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Home > Points Newsletter > September 2005

Points Newsletter - September 2005

Toxins and Your Health
By Maoshing Ni, Ph.D., D.O.M., Dipl. ABAAP

During a morning drive to the office one summer day, I noticed the familiar haze of smog over the horizon and the hot, dry Santa Ana winds that were absent for a time when it was colder. I braced myself for a slew of calls from patients with allergies. I’ve heard patients complain of respiratory allergies since the country began to spray melathione again to control the fruit flies... More...

By Jasmine Sufi, L.Ac.

Constipation is the dreaded symptom that most people have experienced at one point in their life. Constipation is the catch all phrase for a wide variety of signs and symptoms, when one or more of the following signs are experienced you are categorized as constipated: More...

About Aluminum

Alzheimer’s pre-senile is on the rise in this country. What are the early signs? This disease must be caught early since by the time you suddenly diagnose it, it is usually too late for significant reversal. So what are soft signs that the mind is going?


Case Study: Acupuncture Helps Patient Recover Sense of Smell

Acupuncture Reduces Heart Rate in Sitting Patients

Case Study: Chinese Herb Useful for Severe Hepatitis


Q:  I am a 50 year old male who has suffered from psoriasis for about 16 years. The skin blemishes are bad enough but I also am one of the 1 in 10 afflicted with psoriasis that also has the arthritic component. The topical and injectable systemic medications I have been encouraged by my physicians to try are in my opinion unhealthy over the long term or risky. Also, I would like to work toward better physical health and mental well being in general.

A: Phototherapy and aggressive topicals seem to be helpful for some people. From our experience, people who take “biologics” to help their psoriasis often find other side effects that go with these western medications. Not to mention that the overuse of steroid cream may result in thinning of the skin...

See more here.

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September, 2005
Volume 3, Number 9

Toxins and Your Health


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