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Home > Newsletters > October 2009 > What is Integrative Health?

What is Integrative Health?

Integrative HealthBy Craig Cormack, BA, RMT

Healing with Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Chinese Massotherapy

Integrative Health simply means the intelligent combining of both Western and Eastern healing practices, therapies, and health protocols. It integrates “the best of both worlds.” Western medicine, while very powerful, is drug-driven. It places too little emphasis on prevention. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, is based on prevention. It restores the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and addresses root causes rather than mere symptoms.
In my own practice over the last 15 years I have witnessed the power of Integrative Medicine. Working both independently and in partnership with doctors, therapists, and caregivers, I have used my skills in Chinese massotherapy, Chi Kung, and Tai Chi to help hundreds of people enhance, restore and reclaim their health.
Three remarkable healing stories

One of my happiest successes was Janet, a 47-year-old woman with a range of serious health and mobility problems. At the time she was referred to me, she weighed 350 pounds, had a standing blood pressure of 180/100, and was in grave danger of having a stroke or heart attack. Her doctors had found scarring on her heart and said she would need surgery. Janet also couldn’t tolerate blood pressure drugs and was seeking a way to get better.
Janet and I worked together for three years. I taught her Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and performed Chinese massotherapy on her as she modified her diet and lifestyle. She lost 135 pounds, her blood pressure came down to a normal 120/80, and the scarring on her heart disappeared. Her doctors were amazed by her progress. Her cardiologist told her that she had “the heart of a 25-year-old.” Today, Janet lives a normal life, filled with a new energy and optimism, and enjoys her grandchildren.
Another remarkable success was Mike, who came to see me about his pancreatitis. Mike had had a number of attacks which resulted in hospital stays. His physician told him that his pancreatic duct was blocked and he was prescribed morphine for pain. He made dietary changes, and received Chinese massotherapy and learned Chi Kung from me. Within a few months, his swollen pancreas was restored to normal size and the blockage was eliminated.

Chinese medicine restores the body’s natural
ability to heal itself

A third success was Sara, who came to me after she had been struggling with multiple sclerosis for more than five years. I treated her with Chinese massotherapy to help loosen up her limbs and get her blood and energy flowing normally. I trained her in Chi Kung to help her relax and gain strength in her body. Now her MS symptoms have almost completely abated. She is a stronger and more relaxed person. She says that she feels in control of her life and is now sharing Chi Kung with students in her hometown.

Measurable success 

In all the cases I have mentioned I worked closely with the physicians of my patients. The physicians assisted with tests to measure the success of my treatments. For more detailed information on the above and other patient cases, please visit and click on “Newsletters,” “Articles,” and “Case Studies.” 

Craig Cormack, BA, RMT, is a registered Chinese massotherapist, Chi Kung meditation master and senior Tai Chi instructor. He is a  consultant at the McGill University Sports Medicine Clinic and  President of l’Association de massage chinois Tuina du Québec.




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