Stomach Disorders and StressStomach Disorders and Stress

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine

The number of people who suffer stomach or intestine dysfunction or have a hard time eating regular meals because of stomach discomfort is on the rise. In most of these cases, strong aches and sharp pains are evident immediately after a meal. And this is the main reason why people with this condition so often skip meals.

Many of the afflicted complain to doctors that - particularly when eating certain hot and spicy or salty foods - they suffer from increased pain and sometimes cramps in the stomach. And they can't figure out what is causing their symptoms. Nine times out of ten, they are diagnosed with a severely damaged stomach wall.

A woman in her late 30s who suffered from a stomach disorder for over three years once came to see me. She complained of aches and pains after every meal and many times ended up vomiting. She did not realize that all her symptoms were related to a stomach disorder until she was examined.

After speaking with her for a while, I came to the root of the problem, which had nothing to do with food. She had been experiencing serious difficulties in her marriage for an extended period of time and her relationship with her husband had rapidly deteriorated over the last three years, finally ending in divorce. During the examination, I pressed on her abdomen and realized that it was overly sensitive and had been getting weaker as time went on. Her problem was mainly caused by aggravated stress over her marriage, which caused her stomach to produce excessive acid, damaging the wall of the stomach. I advised her to take some herbs known by Oriental medicine doctors (OMDs) to restore the function of a damaged stomach, and also treated her with acupuncture. After only three months of this treatment, she completely recovered, and has had no more difficulty enjoying foods since then.

There are several acupuncture points that can be used to restore inner organs on the shallow surface of the body. The place between the pit of the stomach, just below the breastbone, and navel is one of the most important points in our body.

The next best thing to acupuncture for those suffering stomach problems is a massage on the spot mentioned above. In a sitting position, press the fingers next to your thumb on both hands on a sensitive spot and move them in a circular motion. Donít be afraid to use some pressure; if it hurts a little that shows that itís working. To intensify functioning of the intestines, OMDs apply acupuncture to the spot about 3 cm above the navel. Abdominal massages on this area also work wonders on the intestines.

According to Oriental medicine, stomach problems are caused mainly by emotional upheaval, anger, stress and other distressed states of mind, as body parts and state of mind are closely linked. For this reason, when anger remains unresolved in the mind, it can directly harm the condition of the body, especially the stomach. Anger or fits of rage have a high level of "wood energy," one of the "five elemental energies," which tends to expand and then evaporate. So if you would like to stay healthy, you had better release any pent-up anger through an enjoyable activity or hobby.

Stomach disorders not caused by abnormal states of mind most likely originate from poor dietary habits. In general, the stomach responds very sensitively not only to hot and spicy or salty foods but also sweet foods. It may surprise some people to learn this, but sweet foods like refined sugar and starches and chocolates and carbonated soft drinks are incredibly harmful to the stomach. It goes without saying that cutting sugary foods from your diet will not only make you healthier, but will cut down your chances of suffering a stomach disorder.

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine

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