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Home > Points Newsletter > November 2007

Points Newsletter - November 2007

Herbal Energy Boost: Ginseng and Cordyceps
By Dr. Maoshing Ni, L.Ac., D.O.M., Ph.D.

Who doesn't need an energy boost in this fast-paced world? As we speed along in our technological and intellectual pursuits, life demands that we rapidly adapt to many changes.

The balancing act between home, family, and work causes stress and strain that can usher in the aging process prematurely. Here are two tonic herbs that will nurture and regenerate you for the rest of your years.  More... 

Herbs "More Helpful" than Drugs for Menstrual Pain

A study involving nearly 3,500 women in several countries suggests that Chinese herbs might be more effective in relieving menstrual cramps than drugs, acupuncture or heat compression.

Australia-based researchers said herbs not only relieved pain, but reduced the recurrence of the condition over three months, according to the Cochrane Library journal.  

Healthy Alternative to the Typical Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner does not have to be synonymous with bloating, fullness and indigestion.

The following are healthy, delicious recipes that are not on your typical Thanksgiving menu, but they may prevent the common food hangover. More...


The Effect of Acupuncture on Plasma Endothelin Content in Cerebral Infarction Patients

A Controlled Study on Treatment of Mental Depression by Acupuncture Plus TCM Medication

 Yin Chen Hao Tang Inhibits Both Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 and Type-2 Infections in Vitro

Q: What can you suggest to alleviate gas discomfort, and what foods should one stay away from if you suffer from this?

A: Gas is indicative of digestive function deficiency and stagnation of Qi (Chi). This can be alleviated with reducing the foods that produce gas, increasing physical activity, and maintaining a healthy diet...

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November 2007
Volume 5, Number 11

Herbal Energy Boost: Ginseng and Cordyceps

Herbs "More Helpful" than Drugs for Menstrual Pain

Healthy Alternative to the Typical Thanksgiving Dinner

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