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Home > Points Newsletter > November 2004

Points Newsletter - November 2004

The Difficult Problem of Mold Infestation

A two-part series by Maoshing Ni, D.O.M.,L.Ac. and Gary S. Smolker, Esq. which illuminates health and practical environmental considerations on the subject matter Excerpted from an article by the same author. This article was originally posted at

Mold can grow on any organic material (i.e., cloth, carpets, leather, wood, sheet rock, insulation) when moist conditions exist. Indoor spaces that are wet, and have organic materials that mold can use as a food source, can and do support mold growth. More...

Frequently Asked Questions About TCM Diet Therapy

By Misha Ruth Cohen

In spirit of the upcoming holidays, an article on Chinese nutrition advice may save a few of you who may overindulge this season. Eat wisely. More...


Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies for Chronic Low Back Pain: What Treatments are Patients Willing to Try?

  Acupuncture Compared with Massage and “Sham” Laser
  Acupuncture for Treatment of Chronic Neck Pain
  Electroacupuncture versus Diclofenac for Osteoarthritis of
  the Knee

Q:  I have eye nystagmus since childhood. Does acupuncture help  stop congenital eye nystagmus and improve vision acuity?

A: Because congenital conditions are part of the constitution a person is born with, they can be more difficult to treat than other conditions. However, constitutional conditions can often be greatly improved and symptoms eliminated, as pathogenic factors are reduced and the body strengthened.

See more here.

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