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Home > Newsletters > November 2003

Therapy Provides Menopausal Women With Alternative to Synthetic Hormones

Healthworx, a healthcare practice in Denver, has recently begun offering what they call Body Restoration Technique (BRT), a safe and effective therapy that brings a woman’s hormone system into balance naturally. BRT uses the body’s acupuncture points to rejuvenate and revitalize a woman’s hormones, which are secreted by the body’s endocrine system glands. Healthworx’ BRT patients report decreased menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and moodiness.

In July 2002, The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that a large-scale clinical trial on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) had been halted five years into the study after results showed that long-term HRT increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and blood clots. BRT is an ideal alternative, because unlike HRT, it does not require the ingestion of potentially dangerous synthetic hormones.

Treatment at Healthworx begins with an in-depth assessment of a woman’s lifestyle habits, medical history and overall health. Next, Dr. Kevin Woodard of Healthworx initiates BRT treatment protocol and tests to determine the source of a woman’s hormonal imbalance. For example, many menopausal women have an excessive level of estrogen, which Dr. Woodard can identify by using the BRT muscle test. During this test, the patient holds a small, porous vial of estrogen in one hand and places it against her ovaries, while straightening out her free arm in front of her. Dr. Woodard then tests the outstretched arm for muscle strength. If this test shows muscle weakness because the patient cannot muster the strength to keep her arm in place, it indicates that the substance in the vial (in this case, estrogen) is not functioning properly within the body’s hormonal system.

In severe cases, patients may actually feel weak and lightheaded from simply holding the vial. This indicates that their body contains a very high level of the substance in the vial, and that this substance is causing an extremely unhealthy disturbance in their hormonal system.

Once Dr. Woodard identifies which hormones, drugs or other toxic agents are disturbing the patient’s hormonal system, he conducts a series of treatment sessions using BRT acupuncture. Acupuncture opens up electrical channels in the body to clear up imbalances and eliminate excess hormones or other toxins. This process naturally restores balance to the hormonal system.

Over the course of treatment, Dr. Woodard will continue testing different vials of potential endocrine disruptors to find the source of any other imbalances in the patient's body. When he pinpoints another endocrine disruptor that is causing trouble, he will conduct another series of acupuncture treatments to eliminate toxins. He continues this course of treatment to progressively improve the overall functioning of the hormonal system.

Dr. Woodard stresses that each patient must be treated individually. One patient may have an estrogen buildup, while another may have an iodine deficiency or an excess of progesterone or synthetic hormone drugs.

BRT works by eliminating endocrine disruptors and restoring balance to the endocrine system. The endocrine system is like a communications network that broadcasts hormonal messages to regulate bodily functions. It is comprised of the following glands: the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, ovaries and testicles. Common endocrine disruptors that contribute to poor health include synthetic hormones, pesticides, chemicals and other toxins that block or impair normal hormonal functioning.

In addition to menopausal patients, Dr. Woodard also uses BRT to treat prostate problems, weight loss, diabetes, bone, joint, heart and thyroid conditions.

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November 2003
Volume 1, Number 9

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