Sound Meditation and Positive ThinkingSound Meditation and Positive Thinking

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine

It is often said that thinking and talking positively leads to a rewarding life while negative thinking and talking leads only to failure. In the same sense, words or sounds of speech vibrate and resonate within the body, influencing all parts of the body, down to the organs, tendons, muscles and cells. If you are ever sidelined with illness or disease, you would be wise to think optimistically, repeating positive words and letting them echo in your mind. Say to yourself, "I can surely overcome this disease," out loud, over and over again. Slowly, you will see an inward and outward change to match your way of thinking, and eventually recover from sickness. Furthermore, if this practice is kept up, it will not be long before you are gaining renewed strength and power.

A number of cases have been discovered throughout the world in which diseases thought incurable were completely overcome through the practice of vocal prayers or chants. Through analysis of these cases, "seed sounds" have been discovered which contain an abundance of life force, or "chi" energy. One of the most powerful seed sounds, which are able to vibrate to the very core of cells and muscles with its life force energy, is "hoom." In the United States, Dr. Deepak Chopra showed through a series of experiments that the "hoom" sound is able to break into cells, act on them effectively, and destroy cancer cells.

In the experiments, he put cancer cells or substances known to cause cancer into a container and vibrated them with the "hoom" sound for a period of time. Amazingly, the cancer cells were totally destroyed. In another experiment, he put normal cells into a container and vibrated them with the "hoom" sound. The cells exhibited an increased degree of activation afterward.

The "hoom" sound is very similar to the "phew" sound of deep relief that people sometimes make when depressed or relieved. Sounding meditation is based on this seed sound of "hoom." If you practice this type of meditation for five to 10 minutes a few times a day, you will see a difference in your life. The key chanting to the "hoom" sound is to focus on the feeling which moves from what Koreans call the "dahnjun" (abdomen), to the rest of the body. The "dahnjun" is the place where the chi normally gathers and moves. Life force energy can be activated and generated by the vibration of the "hoom" sound.

If you have succumbed to a serious illness, chances are your mind-frame has become negative. People who have taken ill are more likely subconsciously repeating negative words like depression, loneliness, grief and hopelessness. These kinds of words can effectively darken a person's mind enough to make them think even more self-destructively. This also feeds a disease, making it worse in some cases.

To escape from this destructive cycle, and eventually recover from the disease, try repeating optimistic words - such as longevity, life, happiness, luck, good fortune, luminous mind, sincerity, faith, confidence, etc. - whenever you have the chance.

To begin with, write each word on a piece of paper and then make some optimistic sentences in addition to visualizing them. You might come up with sentences like, "I'm living a happy and productive life" or, "I'll carry out my plans and achieve my goals."

People who practice meditation will tell you that words full of hope and confidence, if repeated with feeling, eventually bring about positive results. This is a powerful tool that can free your mind from deepening negativity, and, ultimately, make it possible for you to recover from any disease.

A great number of people have been able to overcome incurable diseases by repeating positive phrases like, "I can do it" or, "I can make it to the end." And don't forget the old saying, "Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it."

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