Earth Energy - Mediating Force in the BodyEarth Energy - Mediating Force in the Body

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine

Of the Five Elemental Energies, earth energy rates as one of the most important. Just as the earth gave birth to all living creatures and exerts control over them, so earth energy generated the four other energies and systematically controls them. Earth energy is neutral, and is not classified as either yin or yang. To better grasp this concept, imagine a ball being thrown into the air. The force that pulls the ball back to the ground after reaching its peak in the air is earth energy.

Earth energy plays a major role in generating the force to move our bodies. This is similar to what the central piece of a propeller does in getting a plane off the ground. Accordingly, oriental philosophers call it an "independently" existing or functioning force as well as "pure life consciousness" or the "life energy of the Universe."

Anyone who possesses an abundance of earth energy is likely to reach agreement more easily or play a leading role in mediation or negotiation. Earth energy is always associated with the center, as it is thought to control and supervise the South, North, East and West. Because yellow or golden colors are found so often on the surface of the earth, they are classified as earth. Dampness and moisture also fall into this category because damp soil is the most productive in helping plants to grow. Rain, therefore, also has a high level of earth energy.

Among the organs of the body, the spleen and stomach are categorized as earth because they are known to control the other organs. The spleen and stomach, located in "the center" of the body, obtain nutrition from foods and distribute it to all the organs. Because of their importance, if either the spleen or stomach is damaged or dysfunctional, the rest of the organs suffer and a variety of health problems arise. In Oriental medicine, it is largely believed that keeping the spleen and stomach strong and healthy is the best way to rehabilitate severely damaged organs and recover from disease.

It is said that the mouth, of all the parts of the body, is most closely related to the function of the stomach or spleen, and that people with a relatively big mouth are prone to have either too strong or too weak a spleen and stomach. The muscles and skin are not considered organs, but they are important places where nutrition is stored and are therefore associated with earth energy. Sweet tasting foods and drinks also have a great amount of earth energy, which significantly influence the spleen and stomach. Eating too many sweet foods can injure the function of the spleen or stomach. People who eat a large quantity of sweets are more likely to succumb to diabetes, which is usually caused by a lack of earth energy. It is therefore advised that people with stomach or spleen problems avoid eating sweets.

After travelling in a desert or a marsh, which contain a dearth and abundance of energy, relatively, people are prone to experience spleen or stomach problems. Also be aware that lying on or sleeping on grass may cause a stomachache for no apparent reason.

The gums, as well as the mouth, are interrelated with the function of the stomach and spleen. For this reason, it is recommended that those who have gum or mouth problems wear yellow- or gold-colored clothes, as wearing these colors attracts earth energy.

People with stomach dysfunction like indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and general uneasiness most likely have an imbalance of earth energy. They may have a bloated feeling around the abdomen because of excess gas and get tired easily, even if they are getting plenty of sleep. Toxins or poisons produced by microorganisms after digestion can bring on these diseases and symptoms. The abdomen is the place in the body where toxins are normally gathered.

To find out if this is your problem, press your abdomen in different places and check for pain or discomfort. As excretions from the body are gathered in the abdomen, many toxins can be produced. To release the toxins and recover from the effects of the buildup, press on or massage any painful spots for 20 minutes at least twice a day. It is also a good idea not to overeat or eat a lot right before going to bed. Those who are in the habit of eating a lot of processed foods and carbonated soft drinks are more likely to accumulate excessive toxins in the body. It goes without saying that removing the toxins from your body is one of the most effective ways to keep your inner and outer body healthy.

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine

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