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NOMAA Curriculum Posted for Comment

The National Oriental Medicine Accreditation Agency (NOMAA) posted its curriculum standards for the Doctor of Oriental Medicine program to its website ( ) for further public review.

NOMAA's programmatic criteria for a professional primary care Doctor of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) degree have been modeled on the clinical training programs of China and Korea and further refined in collaboration with the Oriental medical profession and potential candidate institutions.

The program consists of a 4,000-hour core curriculum -- including 2,500 hours of didactic (classroom and laboratory) biomedicine, Oriental medical science and clinical medicine -- and a 1,500-hour clinical clerkship (supervised observation and practice).

The NOMAA OMD program was developed in response to the growing public and professional demands for standards of education and practice for a primary care and physiologically-based program in Oriental medicine.

The NOMAA OMD standards provide for training that is consistent with the known physiological basis of Oriental and standard medicine with an emphasis on evidenced based medicine methodology and competency based training. Graduates should be qualified to work in private practice or within established medical clinics and institutions.

NOMAA has gained the endorsement of the Council of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Associations and the Council on Oriental Medicine Education for the 4,000-hour curriculum, and plans to hold more public meetings in the near future, in order to further review and refine our standards.

NOMAA is requesting that all interested parties visit, review the proposal and submit comments.


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May 2004
Volume 2, Number 4

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NOMAA Curriculum Posted for Comment

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