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Home > Newsletters > March 2010 > Chi Gong: The Ancient Divine Art of Energy Mastery

Chi Gong: The Ancient Divine Art of Energy Mastery

By Marc A. Gomez, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M., Dipl.C.H.

Chi gong in some form has existed since the dawn of life. Just watch the gentle, natural movements a child makes after waking up in the morning. Or watch an animal stretch and move as it wakes up. These are spontaneous, natural movements that we all do when we are young, and they are the basis of movements that have been enhanced and refined over thousands of years to create a practice called chi gong or energy mastery. Tai chi, also a chi gong practice, was developed by combining kung fu and chi gong with the principles of the I Ching: The Book of Changes.*

Deep observations of nature and wildlife as well as the natural rhythms of the universe have contributed to evolving and refining chi gong over the years. In the search for immortality and the ability to harmonize human energy with universal energy, the ancient Chinese masters also made discoveries that have played an important role in improving the practice of chi gong. Among its many benefits, chi gong enhances awareness, helps to develop internal strength and intuition, opens up and balances the energy channels of the body, increases feelings of serenity, and helps to build and balance the immune system as well as strengthen the digestive system.

People today practice chi gong for health, longevity, stress relief, energy enhancement, and for the improvement of martial arts skills. Others practice chi gong as a way to self-discovery, a form of ancient cosmology, and for spiritual development. Here at the Tao of Wellness, we have seen chi gong help with innumerable health conditions, from calming the nervous system, replenishing the adrenals and relieving stress to fertility enhancement and heightened mental cognition.

If you are interested in purchasing the I Ching: The Book of Changes, click here.

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