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Integrating Sound Healing into your Acupuncture Practice

By Donna Carey, PhD, Lac and Ellen Franklin, PhD

Sound Healing is a powerful, creative healing force used by cultures around the world for thousands of years to transform body, mind and spirit. Acutonics is a unique approach to Sound Healing that works with the principals of Oriental Medicine and the Music of the Spheres. Acutonics is having profound results in the treatment of chronic and debilitating conditions and in helping people to balance spiritual, emotional and physical energies.

In ancient times across all cultures, we find reference to the power of sound in healing. In every cosmology and mythology sound is a major link, the carrier wave between the world of the spirit and the people of the earth. Observing nature, the ancient Taoists concluded that each piece of the universe is linked to the whole and each piece exists in relation to the other as part of an interlaced network of divine harmony with humanity at the center, a receiver of energy from both heaven and earth. Every cell in our body is a sound resonator. Every cell lives in a rhythmic pattern. Each organ has its own cycle and its own pulse. Each and every system has a cycle, rhythm, pattern and pulse that exist in resonant harmony and sympathy to the cycles of the earth and the heavens. Lao Tzu wrote: “Heaven and humanity have interconnections…great people join virtues with heaven and earth, join lights with sun and moon, join hearts with ghosts and spirits and join trustworthiness with the four seasons. Embracing the mind of heaven and the energy of earth, they hold to harmony and absorb its peace.”

Sound is a vibration, a link between spirit and life force that affects every aspect of creation. Our modern culture has lots its connections to the rhythms and cycles of nature and the interconnections to all things in the universe. This alienation or disharmony manifests as imbalance and disease of the body and its systems. Acutonics seeks to harmonize and balance the body, psyche and soul and to reconnect the individual with the natural rhythms, pulses, cycles and flows of our worlds, bridging, balancing and harmonizing the inner and outer universes, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Acutonics is an integrated system of healing and education that incorporates ancient Taoist teachings of the meridians, pre-meridians and the immortal body with sound. It was developed by Donna Carey, PhD, LAc and Marjorie de Muynck, MA, LMP. This energy-based non-invasive treatment method is similar to acupuncture. Precision calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific acupuncture and acupressure points to access the body’s meridian and chakra energy systems. These tuning forks represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun and other planets. They are used on specific points, with great transformation impact on the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Although there are a number of alternative practitioners currently working with tuning forks, this system is unique. It provides a deep, comprehensive methodology that is rooted in Oriental medicine, music theory and the perennial mystery traditions.

The frequencies of the tuning forks are based on the work of Kepler, who in the 1620s discovered the elliptical paths of the planets. Kepler calculated the velocity of all known planets (invalidating the accepted concept of circular orbits). He presented scientific evidence of the relationship between the musical ratios and the planetary motion – the Music of the Spheres. In the 20th Century, Hans Cousto translated the planetary velocities into musical tone. Cousto’s musical transpositions of Kepler’s planetary orbits provided a foundation for the frequencies that are used in the Acutonics system. However, Carey and de Muynck expanded on this translation and calculated the frequencies for Chiron, Nibiru and the four largest asteroids.

Each musical combination or interval used in the Acutonics Healing System has its own unique healing properties. For example, a musical 3rd, a dispersing interval, is created by combining the Ohm Fork, the sound of the Earth traveling through the four seasons, and the Zodiac Earth, the sound of the Earth traveling through the processional cycle of the zodiac, where Earth disperses in a 25,000-year cycle. This is an excellent combination for reducing stagnation, calming the liver and dealing with the mobilization of scar tissue. The New Moon 5th is created by combining the Ohm Fork with the New Moon Fork. This 5th creates an opening in the flow of energy and is used for lymphedema, treatment of Window to the Sky Points and for reducing old emotional patterns. The Earth Day 5th is created when the green Earth Day form, which represents the Earth revolving on its own axis, a 24-hour cycle, is combined with the gold Ohm fork to produce a strongly generative combination. The Solar 7th Interval is also generative as well as vitalizing and warming. It combines the Sun Fork with the Low Ohm Fork. This combination is being used in place of moxa with great results. The Full Moon 6th combines the Full Moon Fork (white) with the Ohm and is used to nourish yin and essence. All applications of tuning forks are based on planetary correspondences and sympathies and can be directly integrated into Oriental Medical diagnostics.

Carey was Clinical Dean at the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) in Seattle where she introduced Acutonics into the continuing education program at the school, as well as the student and community clinics for which she had responsibility. Clinics included the Ryan White-funded HIV clinics, as well as Chronic Fatigue, Refugees, Geriatric Care, Women’s Health Care and Drug Rehab. The modality proved especially effective when dealing with the elderly, chronic illness and debilitating conditions where needles may not be tolerated or may not touch the essential or emotional nature of the illness. Carey has worked with sound and vibrational healing in her clinical practice for more than 15 years. Prior to joining NIAOM she had a successful acupuncture practice in Madison, WI and worked with tuning forks, Tibetan Bowls, symphonic gongs and other sound healing tools.

Carey, who had a near death experience in which she heard the Music of the Spheres, spent significant time as an acupuncture clinician developing a methodology for working with these heavenly harmonies in a healing setting to treat some of the chronic and tough conditions where acupuncture needles may be difficult to use or contraindicated. She tried a variety of tools but eventually decided that developing custom tuning forks made of space grade metal tuned to the orbital properties of the planets – the Music of the Spheres – was the key. The Acutonics System was born from extensive clinical experience with Oriental medicine, a deep understanding of the efficacy of sound and vibration to heal and experience working in materials science.

Since the first Acutonics class at NIAOM in 1997, thousands of practitioners have been trained. A certification program for practitioners and teachers was launched, providing in-depth training in the Acutonics Healing System. There are now twenty people certified to teach Acutonics I & II. The first book, Acutonics®: There’s No Place Like Ohm, Sound Healing, Oriental Medicine and the Cosmic Mysteries, is available from Devachan Press and contains many case studies provided by Acutonics teachers and practitioners. Carey is working on a new book, Acutonics® The Planets: From Galaxies to Cells and she is also gathering clinical case studies for the Acutonics: Harmonic Pathology text. Clinical documentaries that cover the treatment of diverse imbalances and diseases including those that are associated with psycho-spiritual transformation are being collected from teachers and practitioners of Acutonics. For the purpose of this article we’ve elected to share some general protocols for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, menopause and deep-seated emotional patterns, such as addictions, using tools that practitioners learn to work with in an Acutonics Level I training and that are covered extensively in the Acutonics book mentioned above.

General Treatment Protocols
The following are general treatment protocols designed to be used in combination with the constitutional work that would be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan for your clients. The behavior of the forks and duration of vibration when placed on points can also provide key diagnostic information that is beyond the scope of this article.

After activating the tuning forks by tapping them lightly, the stem of the fork is placed directly on the indicated points for 25 to 35 seconds or until they stop vibrating. In some situations we point the weighted ends of the tuning forks over an area or organ that is being treated. As a general guideline we would repeat the application of the forks to each point approximately three times.

Peripheral Neuropathy:
The tuning forks are proving to be highly effective in the regeneration of blood flow and qi into areas affected by neuropathy. In the treatment of neuropathy we work with the generative tone of the Earth Day 5th Interval. We also work with the Solar 7th Interval, which combines the generative power of the Sun Fork with the Low Ohm to provide extreme Vitality.

Apply the Earth Day 5th to ST 36, SP 6 and KID 3, follow with the Solar 7th Interval on locally affected area and KID 3. If there are Yin deficient signs and symptoms use the Full Moon 6th on KID 3 or KID 6 and Ren 4.

In addition:
For diabetic neuropathy place the Solar 7th on SP 3, the spleen source point and also place it on and over the spleen to strengthen the spleen/pancreas.

For AIDS related neuropathy, place the Solar 7th on ST 25, REN 12 and REN 4 to strength stomach and core.

For the treatment of menopause begin by grounding the energy using the Ohm Octave (Low and Middle Ohm) on KID 1. Then go down the spine using the Middle Ohm Forks (Ohm Unison) on the Huato Jiaji points and the Shu points, placing one fork on each side of the spine. Continue down the spine to the eight seams (Baliao) and end at the coccyx. This helps to balance, ground and bring the body back to homeostasis. Follow by applying the Full Moon 6th on UB 23 and on KID 3 or KID 6 to deeply nourish and water the yin.

In addition:
For liver stagnation and heat: Zodiac 3rd on LIV 3 or Liver 14. For dry eyes: Full Moon 6th on KID 6. For insomnia and/or irritability: Full Moon 6th on SP 6 and H 7. For heat and night sweats: Full Moon 6th on H 5, KID 7 and KID 10. For heavy bleeding: Earth Day 5th on ST 36 and SP 6. To root, ground and settle: Ohm Octave on KID 1, SP 3 and REN 4.

For additional emotional and spiritual balance:
Ohm Unison on KID 23, KID 24 and KID 25. To nourish Kidney Yin and Yang: Full Moon 6th followed by Solar 7th on KID 3, UB 23, REN 4 and DU 4.

Deep Seated Emotional Patterns:
For the release of ancestral or multi-generational imprinting, muscular and cellular memory associated with trauma, conscious or unconscious repetition of negative patterns, behaviors or additions, we would work with the Chong and the Ren.

Apply the New Moon 5th Interval by placing the activated New Moon Fork on the opening point of the Chong Mai SP 4 and the Ohm Fork on the balance point P 6. Next apply the Full Moon 6th Interval to the Conception Vessel by placing the Full Moon Fork on the opening point LU 7 and the Ohm Fork on the balance point KID 6.

This combination clears muscular memory (SP) and cellular memory (KID) and helps to bring forth a new emotional matrix. The extraordinary vessels penetrate deep into a priori experience to connect with the source of original harmony.

Conclude the treatment by first applying the Ohm Unison (two Ohm forks) and then the Solar 7th Interval to REN 4. The Solar 7th combines the generative power of the Sun Fork with the Low Ohm to aid in the reestablishment with source.

Donna Carey, PhD, LAc is the cofounder of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC, creators of the Acutonics® Healing System. She is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, sound healer, educator and poet, trained in western and eastern medicine and the arts.

Ellen Franklin is CEO of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing and is a certified teacher and practitioner of the Acutonics System of Healing and Education. She teaches workshops throughout the US and Canada.

For more information about Acutonics, visit:

Cleary, T. (Trans) We-Tzu, Understanding the Mysteries of Lao-tzu. Boston: Shambhala, 1992.


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