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Ask the Doctor

Q: I am a 52-year-old woman and for the past three years I have a had a problem with my skin tearing and bleeding easily, particularly on my hands. If I bump my hands when I'm doing something, I dark red splotches. I'm not on blood thinners or steroids, nor am I a diabetic. My doctor has told me it is part of the aging process. It is so ugly and I am concerned that my body is lacking something important. I'm presently taking vitamin C, horsetail and lethacin.

A: Michael Allan Guilpain writes: I would guess that you have a "Spleen or Kidney deficiency," but I would need to give you a more detailed examination in person. I recommend that you see a practitioner. He or she will ask you questions about your general health(Are you prone to infection? Weakened immunity? Are you easily fatigued?); about your medical history; and about your menses and/or menopause. You can also expect a practitioner to examine your tongue and take your pulses.

Q: Can you treat Tourette's Syndrome with acupuncture?

A: Anna K. Navida Dolopo writes: In Traditional Chinese Medicine we don't diagnose a patient as having a syndrome as specifically as Tourette's; rather, we look at the individual pattern of problems a patient presents and base our treatments accordingly. I have assisted in treating a patient with a western diagnosis of Tourette's who also had severe spleen and kidney yang deficiency according to TCM. The patient primarily suffered from cold symptoms, such as diarrhea and poor circulation. He also had problems with dampness expressed as a rotund belly filled with air. Our approach was warming the yang and transforming/eliminating the dampness. During each session, we used moxibustion for about a half an hour to warm his cold abdomen. This was certainly a chronic case of earth/water deficiency and excess combined. The patient required a very lengthy series of treatments for his condition to improve. According to the patient, he admitted that the cursing did seem to decrease with the number of treatments that he was receiving.

Q: I have a tremor of the head when my head is downturned or turned to the left. This may be related to carotid surgery I had several years ago on the left side. Can acupuncture help relieve this symptom?

A: Mike W. Bowser writes: Acupuncture may help your condition. The greatest function of acupuncture is to promote the smooth flow or circulation of blood and energy. It is very common for surgery to create a blockage or change in circulation. This change in circulation may lead to a lack of adequate nourishment and problems with smooth function for the muscles and other tissues in the area. You may still have a scar left over from your carotid surgery. It takes the body time to reabsorb scar tissue. Please be patient with your body and consistent with your treatment.

About our Doctors:

Michael Allan Guilpain is certified to practice TCM in Germany, China, Sri Lanka and the United States. He commonly uses acupuncture, moxibustion, fire-cupping, tuina, and qigong with his patients.

Anna K. Navida Dolopo graduated Cum Laude from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1998. During her internship she was exposed to patients at the campus clinic, at a homeless shelter and at a low-income community medical clinic. She began practicing in San Diego and is now practicing at The Alternative Health Center with Mary Pham, D.C., in Irvine.

Mike W. Bowser, MTOM, LAc, DiplAc, HHP, graduated with honors from the Master's degree program at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA. He is certified as a Diplomat in Acupuncture and also as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner with over a thousand hours of massage therapy training. He is a Licensed Acupuncturist in both CA and MN, where he currently resides.

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