Epimedium (Yin Yang Huo): the Viagra of the EastEpimedium (Yin Yang Huo): the Viagra of the East

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine

There is an Oriental herb named Epimedium that can be likened to Viagra, the impotency drug that caused a worldwide stir a while ago because of its effectiveness in resuscitating sex lives. According to Oriental medicine, Epimedium is tremendously effective in healing and boosting the function of the kidneys, which play a great role in the ability to produce an erection.

The kidneys are called the "gate of life" in Oriental medicine because they control the overall balance of vital fluids in the body, which in turn directly influence the energy level and equilibrium of the body. They control the balance between yin and yang and house a man's willpower. They also regulate the marrow and the loins and the lumbar and sacral regions.

The kidneys are also closely connected with the adrenal cortex, which straddles them, secreting cortisone, adrenaline and vital sex hormones into the blood stream. Along with related glands, they control sexual function and potency. For this reason, if the kidneys are not functioning properly, or run short of "chi," the life force energy, impotence frequently arises.

Epimedium, therefore, is widely prescribed by doctors of Oriental medicine (OMD) for those who have difficulties producing an erection or controlling ejaculation. It is also frequently recommended as for people who experience constant pain in the lower back or who have aches and pains or numbness in the joints.

This herbal remedy - which displays yang, or warm, characteristics and tastes sweet - is a plant that grows wild in the mountains. Antelopes, which are known to exhibit particular sexual prowess, are fond of eating this herb.

From a medical standpoint, Epimedium contains many natural substances that assist in the secretion of sex hormones. It is therefore recommended for men who shy away from having sex because of a weakness in this department.

OMDs see the waist area as the fountain of sexual energy, where sexual potency is produced and gathered. So, if you have any low back problems - especially those produced by overindulgence in sex - you may see a reduction in sexual ability. In this case you should start a course of Epimedium. The herb not only assists in secretion of sex hormones, but also strengthens the functioning of the ligaments and muscles.

The best way to take this herb is to drink a tea made from 10 grams of chopped Epimedium - fresh is best - boiled in about a liter of water for at least 20 minutes. This is a safe, non-addictive remedy that has no side effects.

By Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine.

Jaseng Center for Alternative Medicine is one of the largest integrative medical facility with 10 medical practitioners and it is a branch medical office of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, which is the largest oriental medical hospital specializing in non surgical treatment of spine and joint condition. Please visit our website for more info at www.jasengusa.com or www.jaseng.net

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