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Home > Points Newsletter > June 2008

Points Newsletter - June 2008

The Tao of Fertility – An Interview with Dr. Daoshing Ni
By Lisa M. Miller. L.Ac.

The Tao of Fertility, by Dr. Daoshing Ni, is a complete program that incorporates Dr. Dao’s many years of experience in successfully treating women with challenges in fertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Tao of Fertility includes a 28-day fertility enhancement program to help assist in conception, with advice on helpful herbs, acupressure points, simple meditations, and healthy recipes and eating plans that promote fertility.  More... 
Shen Therapy - Shen Physio-Emotional Release Therapy
By Brian Puterman

Shen Therapy is safe, gentle, effective form of touch therapy that can profoundly affect your life. Although it has a broader meaning when applied to this more esoteric modality, the word ‘Shen’ is derived from a form of energy described in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A brief description follows to give you a better understanding of Shen. More...

Case Study on Blood Pressure Reduction using Chinese Medicine
Prepared by Craig M. Cormack, B.A., R.M.T.

The case presented here represents three years’ observation of heart, weight, and blood pressure normalization in an obese 47-year-old woman. Janet M. was treated with a combination of diet, light exercise, nutritional supplements and various alternative medical treatments. The observed results warrant communication to others with similar health concerns. The results include the healing of heart scarring, a weight drop of 135 pounds, and a blood pressure drop from 180/100 to 120/80. The following information can be adapted to each individual’s needs and resources.  More...


Effect of TCM on Quality of Life and Survival Period in Patients with Progressive Gastric Cancer

Interaction of Salvianolic Acids and Notoginsengnosides in Inhibition
of ADP-Induced Platelet Aggregation

Extraarticular Gold Bead Implantation for Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis


Q: I often have cold feet and generally poor circulation. Can you suggest a way to improve my circulation? 

A: From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, your hands and feet may feel cold due to stagnation of Qi in the middle of your body where it prevents the vital substances, including blood, to flow to the extremities to warm them...

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This Month's Articles

June 2008
Volume 6, Number 6

The Tao of Fertility – An Interview with Dr. Dao

SHEN Therapy - SHEN Physio-Emotional Release Therapy

Case Study on Blood Pressure Reduction using Chinese Medicine

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