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Home > Newsletters > June 2008 > The Tao of Fertility – An Interview with Dr. Dao

The Tao of Fertility – An Interview with Dr. Dao

By Lisa M. Miller. L.Ac.

The Tao of Fertility, by Dr. Daoshing Ni, is a complete program that incorporates Dr. Dao’s many years of experience in successfully treating women with challenges in fertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Tao of Fertility includes a 28-day fertility enhancement program to help assist in conception, with advice on helpful herbs, acupressure points, simple meditations, and healthy recipes and eating plans that promote fertility. The book also includes stories shared by many of the women Dr. Dao has treated. Their comforting and inspiring stories show that we are not alone in this emotional journey to parenthood.

Q. Dr. Dao, in your experience, what are some of the causes of infertility?

A. There are various causes of infertility. When a couple comes to my clinic seeking help for problems with conception, both parties – the man and the woman – need to be evaluated. Either one or the other, or even both partners, might have fertility issues. I would have to say that age alone is one of the biggest factors of infertility. In this country, more and more women are delaying having children either due to work or marrying at a later age. The peak fertility rate in women is between 20–25. Most women do not feel the aging process in their thirties, but, unfortunately, their reproductive systems are not as robust as they once were during their early 20’s.

Another obstacle is the male factor. Abnormalities in sperm count towards almost 30-40% of infertile couples. Age, stress, life-style choices, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs (particularly marijuana), and environmental factors can impair sperm quality. Low sperm count, poor motility, abnormal sperm size and shape (morphology) can slow down conception or even prevent it.

The female factor consists of both anatomical and physiological hurdles. A woman can have problems arising from any of the following parts of her reproductive system: ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, and cervix. These problems can be due to abnormal anatomical shape or diseases affecting the organs such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometriosis, fibroids, and polyps. Another aspect is the physiological and that brings up the matter of the endocrine system and hormone imbalance. So, as we can see, there can be many causes of infertility.

Q. How can TCM help in promoting fertility?

A. Simply put, a woman’s good health is what promotes fertility. As we get older, our Kidney essence gets drained. It becomes weaker and weaker. When a woman is younger and her Kidney essence is replete, she puts out her best and most viable eggs. The older she becomes, the weaker her eggs become, with more of a possibility for abnormalities. With TCM, we aim to strengthen a woman’s constitution, improve ovarian function, promote better blood flow to the reproductive organs, and help sensitize hormone secretions.

Q. What would say are the most important things a woman can do to increase fertility?

A. There is plenty a woman can do to increase her fertility:

  • Nutrition is tops. Eat nutritious foods, eat at regular times, and never skip meals.
  • Do not overindulge in sweets, caffeine, alcohol, and ice-cold drinks.
  • Maintain a regular, moderate exercise routine.
  • Find ways to reduce stress, whether at work or at home. This can include spending some time in nature such as walking through a park, or hiking moderately in the mountains or forests.
  • Be positive. Mood is important. For one thing, it reduces stress.
  • Begin taking supplements: pre-natal vitamins and a good quality fish oil supplement (about 1,000 mg).
  • Engage in some form of meditative exercises such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga. Doing some form of meditation on a daily basis can be helpful to relax the body and allow the body to be receptive and increase fertility.

Q. Any last words of advice Dr. Dao?

A. Yes. Please don’t panic. Have a clear plan in mind. Try everything natural first, like TCM, before resorting to IVF or drug stimulation. Also, do your very best to get your health in order. Find a qualified health care professional such as an OBGYN, or a psychotherapist, or a doctor of Chinese Medicine whose specialization are in reproductive medicine who can help you to plan out your fertility treatment journey first.

Dr. Dao is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California and is a Diplomat of Chinese Herbology NCCA. Dr. Dao has been active in the TCM profession as well as professional organizations. He was an examiner for the California Acupuncture Committee and also participated in the Chinese Herbology Exam development for NCCA. Well known and respected for his special interest in reproductive and gynecological conditions. Dr. Dao is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Pacific Coast Fertility Society, and American Association of Oriental Medicine.

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