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Points Newsletter - June 2007

Food For Thought
By Jessica Chen, L.Ac.

What do we feed our most complex yet delicate organ? Everything! Well, almost everything.

According to recent studies, a brain healthy diet consists of foods that increase blood flow and are low in cholesterol, and high in antioxidants. Such a mix is not only beneficial to the brain but also to the heart, the aging process and diseases conditions such as diabetes.  
Analysis of Determining Treatment Based on Pattern Types of 201 Cases of Type 2 Diabetes
Abstracted & translated by Michael Johnston L.Ac.

The original article was a report on a cohort study conducted in Shenyuan, Liaoning. Dr. Cha works at the Chinese Medical Research Institute in Shenyuan. According to Dr. Cha, diabetes can be divided into four basic patterns. These are the heat and dryness pattern, the damp heat pattern, the qi and blood vacuity pattern and the yin and yang vacuity pattern. In the following study, Dr. Cha determined treatment based on these four patterns with good clinical outcomes. I have chosen to translate and publish this article for two reasons. The first is because of the rapidly growing incidence of diabetes mellitus, and the second is because I find Dr. Cha’s protocol easy to implement clinically. More...

Qi is Everything - Everything is Energy - Qi is Energy
By Jacob Godwin, L.Ac., M.A.O.M.

What is the difference between the scientific postulate above and our own postulations on Qi found in our fundamental theory textbook, or those found in Daoism, the founding philosophy of Oriental medicine? The word Qi is simply and consistently a term we use to remain in deference to the simple truth stated above that everything is one continuous field of energy. Science knows this as do the mystics. The two are saying the same things about the same world. Our predecessors in the healing arts weren’t delusional. People lived and died by the healers’ abilities. Scientists certainly aren’t delusional. We’ve built a civilization like none seen on this planet before (that we know of).  More...


Connective Tissue Fibroblast Response to Acupuncture

Additional Therapeutic Effects of Electroacupuncture in Conjunction with Conventional Rehabilitation for Patients with First-ever Ischemic Stroke

 Efficacy and Tolerability of a Chinese Herbal Medicine Concoction for Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis

Q: Can acupuncture treatment help me to lose weight and what is the best diet for me to keep fit?

A: To answer your question, first of all, I have to say, yes, acupuncture can help one lose weight if the person follows the treatment protocols provided by his/her acupuncture practitioner. Generally speaking, the acupuncture practitioner gives appropriate guidance according to each individual’s condition. In addition to acupuncture treatment, herbal medicine may also be needed in concert to regulate the body’s metabolism. ....

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June 2007
Volume 5, Number 6

Food For Thought

Analysis of Determining Treatment Based on Pattern Types of 201 Cases of Type 2 Diabetes

Qi is Everything - Everything is Energy - Qi is Energy

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