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Home > Newsletters > July 2006 > St. Vincent's Hospital Provides Acupuncture to Rehab Patients


- Acupuncture Fellowship Program Provides Integrative Healthcare Model
Combining Western Medicine and Acupuncture -

St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan announced today that patients under the care of a physician in St. Vincent’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, whether in the hospital or through ambulatory care, will now have the opportunity to receive acupuncture as an integral part of the care plan.

Over two years in development, this unique program was created in collaboration with the Chinese Medical Science Foundation (CMSF) and the joint efforts of St. Vincent’s Rehabilitation Department and the hospital’s Mind/Body/Spirit Program. The program will allow free access for patients to acupuncture treatment while studying the issues involved in its full integration within the clinical, administrative and cultural environment of a Western medical care facility.

The Acupuncture Fellowship Program (AFP) reflects St. Vincent’s support of new patient care initiatives to maximize patient care and satisfaction. The AFP is expected to provide approximately 1,500 treatments, all at no or low cost to the patients themselves or to St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan. This program is financially sponsored by CMSF and St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan. “This program provides a model that is critical to the future of the way medicine is practiced,” said Linda Rapuano, director of the Mind/Body/Spirit Program at St. Vincent’s. “We will closely follow acupuncture’s contributions to the overall recovery and well being of our rehab patients.”

This innovative program employs the talents of five experienced, licensed acupuncture Fellows under the supervision of Dr. Julian Sosner, Medical Director of St. Vincent’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr. Ning Ma, Founder and Chair of CMSF and his colleague, Dr. Ying An. According to Dr. Ning Ma, “The Acupuncture Fellowship Program is a groundbreaking initiative that benefits each of the parties—patients, hospitals, and acupuncturists. We believe our partnership with St. Vincent’s could develop a model for the future integrative medicine.” In addition to his responsibilities at CMSF, Dr. Ma serves as a professor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. In the past, he has also contributed to student education as the Department Chair of Clinical Practice for over five years. “The Acupuncture Fellowship Program continues St. Vincent’s Rehabilitation Department’s dedication to introducing measures that improve not only the quality of patient care but also the patient’s experience of that care,” said Dr. Julian Sosner, Medical Director of St. Vincent’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. “We look forward to observing how patients respond to this unique form of treatment.”

The Acupuncture Fellowship Program functions under strict medical guidelines following established protocols for treatments and documenting patient evaluation and progress notes into each patient’s record. This program provides a basis for CMSF’s research to document acupuncture’s clinical impact on specific diagnostic categories, its cost-effectiveness and its effect on patient satisfaction. “St. Vincent’s is excited to be offering a new treatment option to its rehab patients,” said Len Walsh, executive director of St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan. “We hope that the addition of acupuncture to our interdisciplinary rehab team will create a program that will further optimize
patient care.”

CMSF’s collaboration with the Department of Rehabilitation at St. Vincent’s Hospital represents a pilot project to produce a program that is viable for departments throughout the hospital to treat pain, increase mobility and relieve symptoms of chronic illness.

About Chinese Medical Science Foundation

The Chinese Medical Science Foundation (CMSF) was founded in 2004 by Dr. Ning Ma and is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation registered in New York. CMSF’s mission is to integrate acupuncture within the Western medical system thereby bringing acupuncture into mainstream medicine. To learn more about the Chinese Medical Science Foundation, please visit

About Saint Vincent’s

Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers is one of the New York metropolitan area’s most comprehensive health care organizations, serving nearly 600,000 people annually. Saint Vincent’s was established in 2000 as a result of the merger of Catholic Medical Centers of Brooklyn and Queens, Saint Vincents Hospital and Medical Center of New York and Sisters of Charity Healthcare in Staten Island. Sponsored by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Brooklyn and the president of the Sisters of Charity of New York, Saint Vincent’s serves as the academic medical center of New York Medical College in New York City. The system includes six hospitals: Mary Immaculate Hospital, Queens; St. John’s Queens Hospital; St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan; St. Vincent’s Hospital Staten Island; Bayley Seton Hospital, Staten Island; and St. Vincent’s Hospital Westchester. Resources include over 2,500 physicians, four skilled nursing facilities, a system-wide home care service, a hospice and over 20 ambulatory care sites which provide a broad array of medical, psychiatric and substance abuse services. In 2005, Saint Vincent’s recorded over 82,000 inpatient discharges, more than 1,000,000 outpatient visits, and nearly 650,000 home care visits. Its emergency rooms, which include three Level 1 trauma centers, received 240,000 visits in that same year, while Saint Vincent’s is the largest private provider of EMS services in the New York City Fire Department’s
9-1-1 service. In 2003, St. Vincent’s Midtown (formerly St. Clare’s Hospital) became affiliated with the healthcare system.


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