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Home > Points Newsletter > January 2009

Points Newsletter - January 2009

Year of the OxThe Year of the Ox — 2009
By Maoshing Ni, L.Ac., D.O.M., Ph.D.

Welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Ox. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the new year begins on January 26, 2009. Many people who paid attention to last year’s forecast told me that they benefited by avoiding some of the pitfalls I warned about. The system of forecasting that I have used for many years is based on ancient Taoist energy science that looks at the dynamics of elemental and cosmic influences. Its usefulness lies in the guidance that helps us avoid negative impacts while encouraging us to make the most out of positive trends.
Winter LifestyleKeys to a Healthy Winter Lifestyle
By Jessica Chen, L.Ac.

Thinking of winter, one recalls family gatherings, holiday parties, big bold foods, warm ciders, thick socks, chilly weather, and of course, colds and flu. How do we take care of ourselves, mentally and physically? We do so by living according to nature, eating seasonal foods, and keeping life simple. More...

Benefits of QigongBenefits of Qigong

It is estimated that in China 200 million people practice qigong everyday. It is also one of the most broadly applicable systems of self-care in the world, which can be used by the healthy as well as the severely ill. Qigong combines movement, meditation, and breath regulation to enhance the flow of vital energy in the body, improve blood circulation, and enhance immune function. More...


Intramuscular and Periosteal Acupuncture in Patients Suffering from Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

Standardized Transcutaneous Electric Acupoint Stimulation for Relieving Tobacco Urges in Dependent Smokers

Astragalus Membranaceus and Angelica Sinensis in Treating Renal Microvascular Lesions


Q: Is there any way I can improve my memory? I am 27 and forget simple things constantly to the point that my spouse teases me about being old.  

A: Unless there has been head trauma, growth, blockage, or drug-interference, there is no reason for a young person of 27 years to be developing Alzheimer’s or dementia that are so often associated with aging memory problems. More...

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January 2009
Volume 7, Number 1

The Year of the Ox — 2009

Keys to a Healthy Winter Lifestyle

Benefits of Qigong

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