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Home > Points Newsletter > December 2007

Points Newsletter - December 2007

Coping with Holiday Stress: 5 Essential Tips
By Dr. Maoshing Ni, L.Ac., D.O.M., Ph.D.

The holidays are a time of joy, love, family and friendship; though many of us may not like to admit it, the holidays are also a time of stress. Find out what measures you can take to manage the stress and heighten the joy!

The Stress Factor at Holiday Time
Between the physical demands of traveling and socializing, and the emotional aspects of meeting with family, holiday time can potentially be very taxing. Environmental factors, even on a subtle scale, can also influence the general mood.
Chinese Medicine and the Mind
By Efrem Korngold, LAc, OMD and Harriet Beinfield, LAc

Chinese medicine does not make absolute distinctions between what we in the West classify as the mind, the activity of the central nervous system, and the physiology of the visceral organs. Within traditional Chinese medical thinking, a person represents a field of Qi, a continuum of dynamic structures, functions, processes, sensory perceptions, and cognitive faculties that range from the gross, substantial, and visible (fluids, blood, flesh, muscles, vessels, sense organs, nerves, and bone) to the subtle, insubstantial, and invisible (sensations, perceptions, feelings, emotions, thoughts, images, and dreams. More...

Qi Gong Breathing
By Wing-benn Deng, BS, MATCM, PhD, Dipl Ac & CH (NCCAOM), LAc

There are five major components of practicing Chinese Qi Gong. All five seek to regulate the 1. the breathing, 2. the mind, 3. the body, 4. the Qi, and 5. the shen (spirit). Proper breathing is one of the main keys to general Chinese Qi Gong practice. It regulates and adjusts the body's Yin and Yang. Spirit and breathing are mutually dependent, while spirit and Qi have to mutually combine. After all, regulating the mind is the most important component to control the entire practice.  More...


Laser Acupuncture in Children with Headache

Electro-Acupuncture of Tsusanli and Shangchuhsu Regulates Gastric Activity Possibly Through Mediation of the Vagus-Solotary Complex

 Fast Repair of Oxidative DNA Damage by Phenylpropanoid Glycosides and Their Analogues

Q: I have been hearing a lot about andrographis; is it a promising treatment for colds?

A: According to a few well-designed studies, andrographis can reduce the symptoms of colds and possibly prevent colds as well. The greatest improvement in symptoms has been seen in earache, sleeplessness, nasal drainage, and sore throat...

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December 2007
Volume 5, Number 12

Coping with Holiday Stress: 5 Essential Tips

Chinese Medicine and the Mind

Qi Gong Breathing

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