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Home > Points Newsletter > August 2009

Points Newsletter - August 2009

Prostate Health and Chinese Medicine Prostate Health and Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine associates hyperplasia of the prostate with damp heat and kidney deficiency. After the age of 40, menís vital energy in the kidney system decreases, resulting in a disturbance of the sex hormones. Sexual energy decreases, affecting circulation in this area and the function of the prostate. To compensate for the decline of prostate function, men in China have historically used acupuncture treatments to improve the circulation and energy in the prostate. More...

Mind of an Acupuncturist The Mind of An Acupuncturist
By Lawrence Howard, LAc, MSAc

The modern American acupuncturist delicately balances between Oriental and Western ideology. They balance their goal of restoring patientís qi dynamic with the reality that the average patient, Western medical doctor, and insurance adjuster do not understand Oriental Medicine concepts. More...

Feng Shui and Chinese Culture

Over many millennia, Chinese culture evolved health practices and beliefs to protect people from physical illness and to support them emotionally and spiritually. These practices are codified under the general term, Feng Shui which translates into English as wind or air, and water. More...


Acupuncture Improves Balance Function in Stroke Patients

Anxiety as a Factor Influencing Physiological Effects of Acupuncture 

Stimulating Effects of Fermented Radix Astragali on Hyaluronic Acid Production in Human Skin Cells


Q: Can a person of any age take gingko to improve brain function?  

A: Yes! Gingko is one of the most widely studied plants. The leaf of the ginkgo tree is shaped like a human brain, and some believe this is why, in Asia, it has always had a reputation of benefiting the mental processes. Decreased memory and difficulty concentrating is largely due to decreased blood flow to the brain and loss of brain cells; ginkgo has been confirmed to boost circulation to the brain and other organs, improving memory and cognitive functions.  More...

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August 2009
Volume 7, Number 8

Prostate Health and Chinese Medicine

The Mind of An Acupuncturist

Feng Shui and Chinese Culture

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