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Home > Newsletters > August 2009 > Feng Shui and Chinese Culture

Feng Shui and Chinese Culture

Over many millennia, Chinese culture evolved health practices and beliefs to protect people from physical illness and to support them emotionally and spiritually. These practices are codified under the general term, Feng Shui which translates into English as wind or air, and water. 

Feng Shui and Chi

Cleanse, detoxify and let go of the past. If there is something you don't enjoy in your home, give it away so that you can free up space and welcome in the new. Clean your living space thoroughly to remove stains, mold and dirt. Throw out accumulated 'stuff'. Repair or discard broken furniture, chipped dinnerware and cracked mirrors - these reflect aspects of your life and health that are broken and can trap your life-force energy, or Chi. 

Soothe Energy

Smooth and soften indoor energy flow with houseplants and sooth your nerves with a bubbling indoor fountain. Hang some wind chimes made from natural objects such as bamboo or seashells. 

Improve Focus

Hang a crystal above your desk to help you focus, and paint a dull room red to activate excitement and fire. Fix leaking faucets and keep vital energy for health, wealth and happiness from going down the drain by keeping the toilet lid closed.  

If the importance of energy flow seems a bit odd, consider the profound effect that solar energy has on communication systems and that migrating birds use magnetic energy for navigation. Who knows what interesting information about the flow of energy is yet to be discovered. 

Pleasure & Dreaming in the Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom 

  • Remove TV, computer and exercise equipment for good energy flow. 

  • Keep bedroom air fresh and filled with oxygen, and encourage natural bright light from windows. 

  • Candles are perfect for nighttime lighting, but be sure to buy toxin-free varieties. 

  • For restorative sleep and sexual healing, the best color choices reflect the range human skin, from pale white to rich chocolate brown.  

  • Select art images that embody your vision for a balanced life; do not display sad or lonely images in your bedroom. 

  • Place your bed so that it is easily approachable from both sides, place a bedside table on each side, and avoid having the bed in a direct line with the door. 

  • Keep all doors closed at night, including closet, bathroom and bedroom doors to allow a nourishing flow of energy to strengthen your health, and the health of your relationship.  

Feng Shui Colors and Elements

Fire Element 

Passion and energy

Career and recognition

Red, orange, purple, pink, yellow


Earth Element 

Nourishment and stability

Healthy relationships

Light yellow, beige 



Clarity and precision

Efficiency and light

Gray, white



Ease, freshness, abundance

Calm, fluid, flexibility

Blue, black 



Health and Vitality

Abundance, wealth and prosperity

Brown, green 
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