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Home > Newsletters > August 2006 > New Breast Cancer Site Combines Both Medical and Alternative Treatment

New Breast Cancer site combines both medical and alternative treatment

(PRLEAP.COM) Brisbane, Queensland - July 14, 2006

In the past, a diagnosis of breast cancer very often resulted in a mastectomy, that is, removal of one or both breasts. For a lot of women the "cure" was as horrific as the disease. Today there have been so many advances in treatment, that breast removal is now considered the last option, rather than the first for most instances.

Not only has research now identified many specific types of breast cancer, but it has also shown that many non-medical treatments can enhance the success of the medical treatments. Studies have also shown that many alternative therapies can also reduce the side effects of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, making treatment much less unpleasant.

Some of the alternatives that are now recognized as a beneficial addition to a treatment plan include:

  • a diet plan including supplementation with certain specific nutrients
  • acupuncture
  • massage
  • reflexology
  • meditation
  • yoga

Of course there are many others, unfortunately far too many to mention here.

One of the main benefits of combining these alternative treatments into an holistic plan is that it gives the patient some degree of control over their treatment regime.

By far, the one thing almost every patient reports as being the most devastating factor of their diagnosis, is the feeling that all of a sudden they lose control of their lives and the cancer immediately takes over. Not only does it suddenly dictate what they will be doing day to day from that point onwards, but it can also dictate whether they live or die. This feeling can degenerate into a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness very quickly which in turn can lessen the will to fight the disease and ultimately the will to live.

Research has shown, time and again, that those who have the strongest will to fight and live, do the best. This positive attitude also plays a huge part in survival rates.

So anything that can give the patient that feeling of being in control has to be a good thing. By incorporating alternative therapies into the treatment plan, we allow the patient to contribute to her own healing. This feeling of being able to do something for oneself is very powerful.

Adding alternative treatments to her plan, in conjunction with her doctor of course, makes her a partner in her treatment. This is a very powerful factor in her recovery, and can at the very least make her experience much less traumatic, and at best, may even save her life.

This new website explores both medical and alternative treatments. It aims to empower the patient by giving her a thorough knowledge of her options.

Contact Marilyn Bennett for more insights into this topic. Marilynís cancer experience gives her a first hand insight into the effects of a cancer diagnosis, not only on the patient but also the whole family. The research she did for herself, in an attempt to wrestle control back from the cancer, has led to her wanting to share her experiences and success in beating the disease with others.

Contact Information:
Marilyn Bennett
Phone : +61 407 569 145



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