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Home > Newsletters > August 2006 > 10 Tips for a Sound Sleep

10 Tips for a Sound Sleep

By Xiaomei Cai, L.Ac., Ph.D., O.M.D. (China)

1. Avoid sleeping on your back. Resting your hands on your chest and abdomen can press on your heart and lungs, thereby preventing deeper breathing.

2. Avoid thinking too much before bedtime. 80% of insomnia is due to a "mental" imbalance. Watching violent TV or reading a stimulating book might cause restless sleep.

3. Avoid a lot of talking or discussion before bedtime. This might cause too much excitation and prevent winding down for sleep.

4. Avoid going to bed right after a big meal. You should not eat any food three hours prior to bedtime. No major organs, including your digestive system, should be "over-working" before bedtime. The whole body needs to be relaxed.

5. Avoid sleeping with the light on. Sleep is the process of a Yin and Yang exchange. Synchronize your body with the universe. It is optimal to go to sleep at sunset and wake up at sunrise. Again, this is optimal, although perhaps not practical!

6. Avoid covering your face. You need to get plenty of fresh oxygen.

7. Avoid sleeping toward direct wind exposure. When you are asleep, the immune system is relatively weaker and less resistant to colds and flu. Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat can attack the body easily during sleep.

8. Avoid sleeping with your mouth open. Air should be warmed up and filtered by the nose before entering the lungs. Otherwise, harmful bacteria may not be properly filtered and you may wake up with a dry cough or a bacterial infection.

9. Avoid holding in your urination or bowel movement.

10. Avoid an irregular sleep time. Stay on a regular sleep pattern of 7-8 hours of sleep.


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