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Home > Newsletters > April 2007 > TCM and Smoking

TCM and Smoking

By Wing-benn Deng, BS, MATCM, PhD, Dipl Ac & CH (NCCAOM), LAc

Our bodies are what we can call a microcosm. Let's use the earth as an example of a macrocosm. As a comparison to the earth, smoking can be signified as the source of air pollution to an individual, such as "smoke" in the air from exhaust from cars, factories, etc. Trees are signified as the "Lungs" of the earth, which purify the air. Now, when someone is smoking, the internal body is occupied by the energy of the "smoke." Then the Lungs have to work harder to purify the body system. When someone is addicted to cigarettes, the body cells and internal organs are constantly living in a polluted environment. Yes, you may think our bodies can take care of the smoke from smoking, just as we who have been pouring pollution into the air have generally felt there would be no lasting effect. We do know today, however, this type of polluting does eventually hurt the earth and create the global warming effect. And cutting down trees, which we may call excess cutting of trees or deforestation, does damage to the "lungs" of the earth. This is what we do by smoking. We wear down our bodies from smoking, irregular life styles and poor diet.

Acupuncture is used to balance and regulate our body’s flow of the "qi," the vital energy, and, hence, help to enhance the functions of the Lung and other internal organs. When our body system is in a "pure" condition, just as in a clean and fresh environment, smoke is automatically not welcome. The body will dislike the smoke; hence, the person's sense organs will reject the taste of the cigarette. Therefore, quitting smoking will happen naturally with acupuncture treatment as long as smoke is not continually introduced into the body. For those who get acupuncture and fail to quit smoking and overcome chemical "nicotine" addiction from cigarettes, please know the consequences. Furthermore, understand the relationship between the microcosm of our body and the macrocosm of the earth, this place we call "home." Then, hopefully one will be able to understand that in order to quit smoking, one must take action. The same holds true with the earth. We must take action to clean up the air and stop pollution. In each situation, we need to stop polluting and save our homes: our body and our earth.


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