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Acute Lumbar Muscle Sprain

Low Back Sprain & Chinese MedicineKey Symptoms:

  • Sudden onset of lower back pain, motor limitation of the lumbar region. Pain is generally fixed in a certain area and is aggravated by turning the body.
  • Marked tenderness of the local area.
  • History of sprain of the lumbar region.

Differential Diagnosis:

Stagnation of Qi and Blood.


Local Trauma

Treatment Principle:

Activate the blood and Qi circulation in the collaterals.

Point and Technique Prescription:

Points are mainly selected from the Du and Tai Yang channels (UB) along with Ahshi points to promote the circulation of Qi and Blood.

Ahshi Point:

  1. Needling superficially and gently rotating the lower back (with the needles in!).
  2. Bleeding with lancets or tri-edged needle.
  • If the pain is located at the center of the back, add Du 26 and SI 3. Needle superficially and rotate back.
  • If the pain is located on the sides of the back, add UB 2, needle superficially and rotate the lower back, then bleed UB 40.


The Ahshi points can promote the circulation of Qi and Blood to the sensitive area to relieve pain, as well as relax the muscles associated with that pain.

Du 26 belongs to the channel that runs up the middle of the back. Treating this point will increase Qi and Blood movement through the entire meridian.

SI 3 is one of the Eight confluent points of the Extra meridians. It effects the Du meridian in particular. Again, if the pain is located in the center of the back, then needling those points that will activate Qi and Blood in the Du meridian will remove pain and assist in healing. Also, SI 3 is a Shu-stream point which is good for painful joints.

UB 2, and UB 40 belong to the UB channel which runs through the lower back lateral of the Du Mai. So, if the pain is located on the sides, of the lower back, the UB points will assist to break up Qi and Blood stagnation in this Tai Yang channel.

UB 40 is one of the four key points for treating diseases of the lumbar region and back.

Gently rotating the back with the needles already inserted can assist the needles to promote the circulation of Qi and Blood in the affected area.

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