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Immunity: Preparing for the Season of Viruses

Immunity: Preparing for the Season of Viruses By Dr. Mao

Despite smoldering temperatures throughout different regions, the season of cold, flu, and viruses officially kicks off. With children returning to school and adults back in the office after vacations and travels, the risk of contracting viral infections increases. Fortifying our immune system and adopting preventive measures is essential. Drawing on and integrating the wisdom of both Eastern and Western medicines, we can develop a holistic approach to enhance our immunity and prepare for the challenges of the upcoming season of viruses. More...

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Diet and Immune Health: A Robust Digestive System Reflects a Strong Immune System

Diet and Immune Health: A Robust Digestive System Reflects a Strong Immune System By Angela Soeon Park, L.Ac.

When boosting the immune system, we often think about Superfoods as a quick fix. However, the immune system is complicated and a barometer of our overall health. Hence, we need to see whole-body interactions. The immune system defends the body against infection. Although it works most of the time effectively, if the immune system fails, we become sick due to our bodies being taxed by stress, sleep deprivation, illness, or poor nutrition.


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Ask Dr. MaoQ: I am at the menopausal age and am looking for a safe alternative to HRT (hormone replacement therapy). I suffer from hot flashes, and my hair is drab and lifeless these days.

A: Your symptoms are classified in traditional Chinese medicine as Yin deficiency. This is a common condition in menopausal women. I will give you some dietary and practical advice but also suggest you consult with an acupuncturist/herbalist, as they have effective treatment procedures for these conditions.

Here are some recommendations:

1. Avoid stress, tension, emotional turmoil, and various stimulants including coffee, smoking, and alcohol.



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