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Vagus Nerve & Your Health: How Chinese Medicine Can Restore Your Vagus Nerve Function

Vagus Nerve & Your Health: How Chinese Medicine Can Restore Your Vagus Nerve Function By Dr. Mao

Did you know the vagus nerve is one of the body's longest and most complex nerves? It runs from the brainstem through the face, neck, chest, and abdomen and regulates a wide range of bodily functions, including:

Heart Rate: The vagus nerve helps regulate the heart rate by sending signals to the heart to slow down or speed up.

Digestion: It also plays an important role in digestion, More...

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Natural Herbs for Pain Relief

Natural Herbs for Pain Relief

Four out of 10 people live with chronic pain, which can worsen with cold or wet weather. If joint pain has you feeling older than your years, you will be happy to know that many natural healing herbs can bring relief without harsh side effects. Here are some natural herbs that you may find in your kitchen. More...

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Ask Dr. MaoQ: What are some of the best exercises to ensure a longer, healthier, more active life?

A: There are several aspects about physical activity that play a role in a longer and healthier life. Movement is essential for proper metabolism and energy circulation. Our cardiovascular and lymphatic circulatory systems rely on movement to help with circulation of blood and extra cellular waste transport.

Movement of muscles, joints, and tendons promote renewal and circulation as well as extending range of motion to prevent arthritic build-up and stagnation. Moderate load-bearing exercises are essential for bone density and tensile strength, and this is especially important as we age. Cardio-stimulating exercises, the activities that increase the heart rate, provide stimulus for the cardiac muscles to maintain proper rigor and endurance. Exercise also helps to utilize excess energy to prevent it from getting stored as body fat.



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